Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas - Holiday Card 2009

Flag of Maine in Christmas Style

For this year's 2009 Christmas Season, I used the flags of Maine and Wisconsin to illustrate my newly coined 'flag symmetry' concept.

First of all the men are now wearing Santa hats, the star on the crest was brightened, and the shield was modified. The tree was decorated as a Christmas Tree and the moose was given a bright red nose. Finally, it's night with a fresh sprinkling of snow.

Both Wisconsin and Maine have sailors on their flags. The sailor is the supporter on the left for Wisconsin and for Maine, the seaman is on the right. They represent sailors of the salt and fresh waters. Maine has a scenic Atlantic Coast line, while Wisconsin has two Great Lake coast lines: Lake Superior & Lake Michigan. Because of this, both states are littered with beautiful light houses. Famously Maine has Acadia National Park, while in Wisconsin there is Apostles Islands state park.
Holiday flag of Wisconsin

To the right the flag of Wisconsin has been 'North Polarized.' The four quadrants are replaced with spiritual icons that peoples across the world can appreciate. In the lower left corner is a Menorah.

In the lower right corner is a crescent moon with two stars; one for Shiites and the other for Sunnis on a background of Islamic Green. It purposefully makes a smiley face in honor of the occasions when both schools of Islam get along.

In the upper left is a star for anyone of any faith who enjoys Christmas & loves Christmas Cookies. In the upper right is the Taoist (Yin Yang) Icon of Harmony and behind it is the 'Ohmmm' of the Hindu-Buddeic Tradition written in Sanskrit.

Normal Flags of Maine and Wisconsin Seals
compared to North Polarized versions


The badger has her nose lit with a green light. If you didn't know, female badgers can light up their noses during the winter in various colours. They can sense when a camera is around so don't even try to take a picture if you see it. The sailor is wearing an Elf Hat, and the miner on is actually wearing a Sikh Turban with a glowing jewel that the Ghost of Christmas Past gave him.

Geographically Wisconsin & Maine are similar states full of pine sap and forest critters. The four seasons line pierces them both, at 45 degrees north. This is the midway point between the north pole and equator. Thus on Christmas Night Santa usually takes a reindeer bathroom break in Portland and Milwaukee when he is crisscrossing the earth.

But the most amazing coincidence only found in great fiction and surreal cosmic alignments are two different rivers of the same name that make up their boarders. On Maine's eastern side is the St. Croix River and on Wisconsin's western side is another St. Croix River. They are totally two different St. Croix Rivers.

Paul Bunyan is a legend in both states and rightfully so. Many states claim to be Bunyan's birth place but the Society of Paul Bunyan has declared that Bunyan was born in Bangor, Maine and buried near Rib Mountain at Wausau, Wisconsin.

Finally Maine and Wisconsin represent the proverbial union of 'Surf & Turf,' or rather lobster and steak.

Merry Christmas & a Ho Ho Ho!!!

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