Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Zealand Japanese Flag

Japanese Austalian Flag

In some other quantum realm, Australia invaded and annexed Japan in 1933.  This is the would have been flag of that New Japaustralia.

New Zealand Chinese Flag

When New Zealand takes over China, this is the flag they will make the Chinese fly.

Chinese Australian Flag

Confederate South African Flag

One should always remember that the not so nice practice of slavery was a Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Pagan tradition.  However it was one particular branch of Christianity that saw this mean way of life go the way of the Dodo, at least in the West.  Of course, things are not perfect but they are much better.

Northwest Europe Flag vs South Africa Flag

Here is an imaginary flag of Northwest Europe.  The Basque, Brittany, and Catalan are peoples yet are not independent nations.  Their flags can cause quite a stir among certain peoples in Europe.  Likewise the old South Africa flag does the same as well for many in Africa.

The South Africa flag is the basis of this educational type of flag.  Its purpose is to provoke a response on the identity and relativity.  Depending upon ones frame of reference it can cause quite an emotional response.

Basque New Zealand Heritage Flag

Basques in New Zealand, yes it is true.

Basque Australian Heritage Flag

The Aussie field is now green and the canton has the Basque flag.  Look out Australia, respect the Basque!

Canadian Basque Heritage Flag

The Canadian Basque Heritage flag has the old flag of Canada with traditional arms, but with the Basque flag in the Canton.

Powernomics 101

The book that explains that money buys power, period.  The fish to didn't like freedom of speech became very rich bought up the market.

Whatever label you put on it, the cycle of life will always push and pull you in ways unpredictably. 

Lion King Tibet Flag

Simba has replaced the 'Snow Lions' on the flag of Tibet.  It is funny how the Chinese or rather the Tibet peoples drew lions.  They look more like dogs than big cats.  None...the...less this flag will help the human mind to remember that there are two lions on the flag of Tibet.

To the left is not the Tibet flag.  Spot the difference.  Rather it is the bordered flag of Tibet.  Usually the fly end does not have a gold frame.  Now it is like totally 'Nat Geo.'

Saturday, October 12, 2019

White Blood Cell Badge — from Reading Rainbow: Germs Make Me Sick 1986

In 1986 first cool cartoon about white blood cells as police was broadcast in homes across America with Reading Rainbow, Episode 4 from season 4: Germs Make Me Sick.  In the episode side toon, white blood cells have the badge that is a five pointed white star.  It can be seen on their hats and vehicles.

In this version the portrayal of the immunity response team, antibodies are like police dogs that bite onto foreign criminals.  You can see one police-protein canine unit with a bone in its mouth and another has a spiked dog collar.

Also, a bad guy is being shuttled into back of the the larger Macrophage white blood cell paddy wagon to be executed, but they don't show us that part in the original 1986 episode.  Phagocytes act as judge, jury, and executioner, in addition to being a police-security force.

生命の科学ミクロパトロール or Once Upon a Time...Life — The Antibody Charge Flag

1987 Antibodies on the Defense of the human body since 1,000,000 BC
Once Upon a Time...Life was a 1980s version of Osmosis Jones 2001 or Cells at Work! 2018Once Upon a Time...Life was created for European audiences back in 1987.  Unfortunately PBS got the rights to this little gem, consequently much of American youth missed this would have been awesome pop-culture 80s show about immunology.  It would have had a bigger American following if one of the major networks or syndicated channels would have gotten the broadcast rights. This cartoon was an international work of art that made learning about the human body fun.  Nations that made it possible included Spain, Switzerland, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, and Japan. 

In this episode antibodies are preparing an attack on toxins from bacteria that causes Tetanus.  The standard bearer for the attack is holding a yellow pennant protein flag, directing the other antibody force to where the bad guys are.

To the left is a high ranking White Blood Cell.  Maybe a Helper T Cell?  We don't know, but his badge of identification is a yellow star, which can be seen on his hat and chest.  He also has yellow officer epaulettes on his shoulder. 

Crest Team Flag from Toothopolis Cartoon

The Crest team is always on call to defend the teeth from Cavity Creeps.  After a successful brushing away of the bad guys, the Crest pennant is flown in victory by the inhabitants of Toothopolis.  The Crest flag has a red C for Crest and a white background. Note, the pole is made from a toothpick.

Here the Crest team stands with their weapons of protection.  They make brushing teeth fun.   The little dog is known as Cresty.  The young boy has not yet earned a letter to carry a toothbrush.

Crest fighter 'r' is Regina Washington the Rinser.  'E' is Everyday Ernie Clean, to remind you to brush every day!  'S' is for Sally the Stink-Breath Killer.  Finally, 'T' is for Tommy Tooter the Toothache Sharp Shooter. 


Fun fact Conan O'Brien was slated to play as the Captain Crest in the live action, soft and middle hard reboot, remake movie, trailer of the Invasion of the Cavity Creeps - 2002.

Monday, October 7, 2019

1763 Proclamation Line Flag

In 1763 a proclamation was made by the Royal Government with the King's approval.  It defined the borders of Quebec, East Florida, West Florida, and Grenada in the Caribbean.  This 1763 proclamation also defined the reward for colonists on how much land they were entitled.  The higher your rank, the more land your were given.  Privates got 50 acres while field officers got 100x the amount at 5000 acres.  This document would later influence Native American policies with the United States and Canada long after the 1776.  However, no line was actually declared.  Rather the borders of the Native Tribes and Nations were spelled out, which became known as the Indian Reserve.

Most 1763 Proclamation Line maps show the line extending from St. Mary River in Georgia to the Bay of Chaleur between Quebec and New Brunswick.  But this is a little off, since Quebec became a colony within British North America.  Also, the northern border of West Florida was an 'off limits' line.

Consequently, this flag can be flown (going counter clockwise) anywhere along the borders of the Indian Reserve as defined in the 1763 Proclamation as it usually defined from the St. Mary's River between Georgia and Florida to middle of New York until it hits the 45º North; the cutting into newly defined area of Quebec to Labrador to along the old border of the Hudson Bay Company, to lake of the Woods, down the Mississippi River across the old border to West Florida back to St. Mary's River.

 By the revolution of 1776, the borders were redefined by the Colonial Governments.  Consequently the interpretation of the the Proclamation Line, which is more a king to the Proclamation Border, is subject to historical qualifications.  Nonetheless this flag is to flown along the borders spelled out on the 1763 October 7th Proclamation of the Privy Council and Royal Authority.  Although, history books blame the King George III for this boxing of Western Frontier, it was government and Privy Council that hand a major hand in making up with historical border.

 Read the 1763 Proclamation Here
 Map of Proclamation 1763 - Issued in 1763 

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Platelette Flags - Cells at Work! はたらく細胞!

血小板 - The Platelet Flag

Platelets are overlooked cells, or rather they are cell bits known as cellicles.  They are the opposite of muscle cells which are united cells—like Voltron or the Devistator from Transformerers.  Rather cellicles undergo a special kind of cell division called cytobudding.  In cytobudding, is a kind of semi-asexual reproduction.  In this case cells bud off of the mother cell to make new cells.  However the new cells have no nucleus, as their is no copying of genetic information.  Yet these cells have mitochondria, organelles, and an outer cellular membrane.

Platelet with Yellow Flag - Cells at Work! はたらく細胞!
Platelets are like red blood cells, since neither have nuclei.  But red blood cells loose their nucleus and platelets had one before they underwent cytobudding.

Funny thing is red blood cells do not have mitochondria but platelets do, and neither have nuclei.  So what gives?  Since platelets are so small they are discounted as cells by many scientists?  I guess for biologists, size does matter.  Platelets are much smaller than red blood cells, yet they carry out metabolic activity.  Infact, they do indeed carry a tiny amount of genetic information, since they have actively working mitochondria.  Platelets are cells!  A primitive kind of regressive cell, that has an important function in the human body.

In the Japanese Anime Cells at Work! はたらく細胞! Thrombocytes are portrayed as little children directing traffic when repairs are being made along the blood vessels.  And believe it or not, these wee cells have the ability to take down a bacteria or two on their own.  Although these little cells are primarily used for repair, research has shown that even the smallest cell can fight back!

Killer T Cell Flag - Cells at Work! はたらく細胞!

The Killer T Cells Flag from Cells at Work! はたらく細胞! has a black field.  The logo is a white hexagon outline, and within the hexagon is a circle, and further within is a capital letter T in white that touches the edges of the white circle.

White Blood cells advance to the Thymus for special training operations, and earn the T-prefix in front of their name.  It's like getting a college degree, and white blood cells can specialize in different kinds of martial-defensive arts.  You can think of the Thymus as being the Pentagon/West Point Academy of the human body.  Not all White Blood Troops cells make it into the Thymus Academy.  Likewise not all cells that matriculate to the Thymus Academy, are able to graduate.  Because it is a rigorous training program, and some T-Cell Cadets do wash out.

The most popular type of white T-Cell is Cytotoxic T-Cell.  In the show Cells at Work! はたらく細胞! the T-Cell is depicted as a lovable, over-aggressive, roid-raged, toxic masculine persona.  These type of toxic masculine type of cells are the kind you want kicking the ass of would be dangerous elements in your home base.  You can't pussyfoot around germs and deadly bacteria—they need to be executed quickly, without hatred or malice.

T-Cell Cadets at the Thymus, B-Cell with Helper T in background
Infected Cells are Zombies-normal cell left, infected cell right
To the left we are in the Thymus, where a group of T-Cells in black are getting trained to kill the germs.  Further in the background is a B-Cell practicing with his anti-body gun.  B-Cells do not engage in hand-to-hand combat like T-Cells.  Instead they are the archer/artillery of immune system that can soften and kill the bad guys.  Behind the Plasma B-Cell is a Helper T-Cell that acts as a coordinator for the Department of Immune Defense.  Helper T-Cells are a critical part of the administrative portion that do not take part in cellular combat, yet direct and coordinate activities for the grunts and snipers who do the heavy lifting.

Infected cells are portrayed as zombies, which is a perfect analogy.  Since a good cell basically becomes a turncoat baddie, but often explodes to  releases more virus head caps, which try to infect other cells. 

You can watch episodes here.  It is must for all biology teachers and students of science!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Official Dual-State Flags of New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the few states to have hybrid flags with all of its neighbors.  These flag were created by the port authorities of each neighbor.  The most famous is the New York-New Jersey Port Authority flag, since it deals with the most volume of traffic by people, air, and water.  Secondly, New Jersey shares its longest border with Pennsylvania, but the two states never touch soil to soil, yet many bridges link the two states.  This flag is known as the the Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania & New Jersey.  Finally, Delaware loves to hook up with New Jersey and has its own flag as well as the Delaware River & Bay Authority.

Who knew?  As the saying goes, the "We Love NJ" would be Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.  They can't help but love the Jersey shore.   Washington loved New Jersey as well, for it was in this state that the US Army under General Washington held their ground and went toe to toe with the Empire, undercutting the theory that the rebels were a rag-tag group of boonniny knickers.  New Jersey also gave the US a Christmas present on 1776, when Washington got an appetizer of victory yet to come, when he crossed the Delaware River.

Y'all gotta give it up for Jersey. Just think...the negative stereotype of New Jersey matches to how people of the world see the USA...a scrappy upstart rude rabble?   Yeah...Jersey Jerkos are a real minority, but they are many more Jersey Superheroes hiding in the bushes and kind folk everywhere planted across the Garden State.  If you ever enjoyed a Monopoly game or played a version of your home state college or whatever...your spirit is now tied to New Jersey.  Never forget, New Jersey twice crowned General Washington with victory and triumph, first at Trenton 1776, then at Monmouth 1778. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

East-West New Jersey Dividing Line Flag

The division between West and East New Jersey is shrouded with an air of fuzzy logic.  There were several surveys which tried to keep New Jersey divided but three of the most important lines of division were the Quintipartite Deed line of 1676, Keith Line of 1687, and Lawrence Line survey of 1743.

The only line partially visible on most maps of New Jersey is the Keith Line of 1687, which was made on the pre-centennial of the US Constitution.  The Keith Line is distinctly visible where Ocean & Monmouth Counties make contact with Burlington & the lower neck of Mercer Counties.   The Kieth Line is also visible where Somerset makes a line with Hunterdon County and the upper crown of Mercer County.

Nonetheless, this flag marks the division between West and East New Jerseys.  The red X (or saltire) is taken from the flag of Original Jersey in the English Channel, as is the crown.  But instead of three English Lions, three plows of American Jersey are visible.

This flag can be flown anywhere across the dividing lines of the 1687 Keith Line and 1743 Lawrence Line.  The Keith Line has historical and modern geographic precedence over the 1743 Lawrence Line.  And not to mention providential precedence, since the Keith Line is dated 100 years before New Jersey became the third state in the union on December 18, 1787.

Flag of Original Jersey in the UK
On the other hand the Lawrence Line has legal precedence since the New Jersey Supreme Court defined it as the legal settlement for issues back in 1855.   So no matter, this debate of the dividing line between East and West Jersey gives this flag a large swath of land to be flown over.

For ultimate rivalry championships between East & West Jersey, those places like Princeton can choose sides at their discretion.

All the places south of Egg Harbor are on the West Jersey team, which includes the Philadelphia area, Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Cape May.  Likewise all the part of Jersey to touch the Delaware River is on West Jersey's team.  Like any West Coast state, you can only catch a full ocean sunset from West Jersey at the tip of Cape May—the top of the Pharaoh's Crown.  Finally, of ultimate claim to USA fame game, Monopoly, is a West Jersey original.

Heroes from East New Jersey
Costello of Abbot & Coastello, Buzz Aldrin
Judy Blume, Bon Jovi, Danny Devito, Ed Harris, Ray Liotta, Jack Nicholson
Shaq, Joe Pesci, John Travolta 
"Tony Soprano" "Marvel Boy" "Paul Blart" - Mall Cop

Heroes From West New Jersey:
"Aqua Teen Hunger Force"- Carl, Meatwad, Master Shake, Frylock
King Kong Bundy, Kelly Ripa, Kurt Loder - Classic MTV, Dave Thomas of the Wendy's fast food
Dennis Rodman, "Jay & Silent Bob" 
 West or East????
"Indian Jones"
"Harold & Kumar"

East New Jersey Flag

The East Jersey flag has the original seal in the orange upper-fly ward half.  The Orange colour is derived from the Goddess Liberty of the modern seal of New Jersey.  She is wearing an orange blouse and holds a Phryigan cap on her staff.  Coincidentally East New Jersey is home to the State of Liberty.  The buff (yellow-tan) stripe is also taken from New Jersey's modern flag.

The on the outer ring of East New Jersey it reads, "The seal of the province of East Iersy in America."  Sometimes Js where written with Is, because of this old rule and that old rule.   In the inner ring there are two messages.  The upper message in red reads, "Righteovsness Exalteth a Nation."  Again another funky alt switch of writing a U as a V has taken place.  The legend is that the letter U is a cursed letter or something like that, another ancient this and that rule lost to the sands of time.  Underneath in yellow is written, " Its God giveth increase."  Along the side of the shield of arms is a fancy S and mirror S on both sides.  The shield is divided; the upper part is red and the lower is white.  The upper area has an arm of divine origin holding a balance-scale; since the arm is coming out of a cloud, this represents a connection to Divine Will.  In the lower white area is a sheaf of wheat with two pealed ears of

Coincidentally the Seal of West New Jersey also has balance-scale.  New Jersey's Hudson Valley is squarely a part of East New Jersey as is Sandy Hook.

West New Jersey Flag

The West New Jersey flag conserves the original seal of West Jersey in the lower hoist half.   The lower triangular red field is based upon the blouse of Ceres from the official state flag of New Jersey.  The Goddess Ceres is holding a cornucopia full of produce.  The seal was used in an official capacity during the reigns of King Charles II,  King William III & Mary II, and Queen Anne.   Around the ring it is written "Proprietors...West New Jersey."   It features a united drawing-compass & balance-scale with a tree in the middle.  Ceres represents West New Jersey the best because, this side of the state has a higher agriculture output, and is where you can find the best 'Zesty Tomatoes' in all of the United States. 

West Jersey existed from 1674 until 1702, with Burlington as its capital.  The first settlements were by Sweden, which was later overrun by the Dutch in 1655.  But in 1664, the British had the final say in the colonial heritage of New Jersey.

There were several attempts to spell out the division between West New Jersey and East New Jersey, but survey that had deepest impact as it can still be seen on any map of New Jersey is the 1687 Kieth Line. This line is visible with the county line that divides Burlington, Ocean, Monmouth, and the lower chine of Mercer.  It is also visible with the county line that divides Hunterdon, Somerset and Mercers upper crown.   The other lines are not noticeable on a map of NJ, except for the Keith Line.  West New Jersey has the state capital of Trenton, which was also the federal seat during the Articles of Confederation

period for the Fall of 1784.  Also Cape May and Delaware River water front is solidly a part of West New Jersey. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The New Dela-Jersey Flag, where Delaware & New Jersey share a common land border

The New Dela-Jersey flag combines the flags of Delaware & New Jersey in a special way.  Basically an slightly impaled double diamond, or the 'Batman' device.  The blue part of Delaware has spilled in the diamond of New Jersey.  Other than that the coats of arms are the  same.

Delaware and South-Western New Jersey have common heritage as they where once apart of the New Sweden and later New Netherlands, before becoming an English Colony.  So their first Old World
Mother tongue of settlement was Swedish, then they had to switch to Dutch, and finally they settled on English.

There are two areas where Delaware soil makes contact with New Jersey.  The northern-upper portion is in Salem County, NJ that shares a land border with New Castle County Delaware.  On the local level it is Pennsville Township, NJ that borders Delaware.  It is about two square kilometers of land.

The main reason why Delaware shares a land border with New Jersey is because any new land in the Delaware river automatically becomes a part of Delaware.  Unlike New Jersey's border with Pennsylvania where the two states share the river to the middle.  Delaware bogarts the entire Delaware river.  So New Jersey's claim to the Delaware River stops at Pennsylvania's southeastern border by the Sunoco Marcus Hook Refinery.  This is sort of like opposite situation with New York and New Jersey.  Because any artificial land added to the State of Liberty or Ellis Island, shall belong to New Jersey.

The other 'Southern' connection point is next to the Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant Station.  I tried to visit the area, and was greeted with a much less than friendly attitude.  Even though they have a visitors entrance, they don't want visitors—it's a Catch-22 situation.   They will basically give you a one finger Jersey Salute, if you try to visit.

So, the best way to visit New Deli-Jersey is from Fort Mott Park.  If you plan on visiting, the best option is to leave from the ferry Delaware City in Delaware. After you get your fill on the way awesome Fort Delaware , a ferry will go to Fort Mott.  From there you can reach New Deli-Jersey, but remember to watch the ferry schedules back to Delaware City.

The name of the northern point is New Dela-Jersey, the Southern point is known as New Deli-Jersey.  Or was it that, Delawarians call this area New Dela-Jersey and New Jersians call it New Deli-Jersey.  I guess we will never know. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Delaware River & Bay Authority Flag - 1962

In 1962 the state governments of New Jersey and Delaware had a baby.  This baby was the Delaware River & Bay Authority by compact between the states of Delaware & New Jersey.  Consequently a union flag of Delaware and New Jersey was one of the results.  This flag has the seals of both state but slightly modified.  New Jersey's shield is white instead of being blue.  The flag is a seal within a seal.  Or rather there are two seals that make up the larger seal.  Outside the seals of Delaware and New Jersey are the two key points of connection between these two states.  Above the the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Below the seals is the Cape May-Lewis Ferry.

New Jersey also has hybrid flags with Pennsylvania and New York.  It makes so much sense for New Jersey to be connected to Delaware as well, since their settlement mother tongues were Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch.  Only later did these two states learn English a bit later in their colonial life.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lanka Lion Flag for Sri Lanka

Since there is a Sri Tamil flag it only makes sense to have Sri Lanka version of the Tiger Tamil flag.  But this flag is known as the Lanka Lion flag.  Its purpose is to put the foot on the other hand.  At least it is educational, to make people think of the tragedy that befell on the of the most beautiful people upon the most beautiful islands of Earth.

Both Tamils and Lankas are wonderful people of amazing wisdom and beauty who are just coming out of a brutal civil war, that ended ten years ago.  Many civilians have suffered, and the despair is great.  But in the darkest night of the Isle of Tears is a ray of hope, for in the distant future, Sri Lanka will be an isle of love and joy for all humanity to appreciate.


Education & Hope is Our Weapon
අධ්‍යාපනය සහ අපේ ආයුධය බලාපොරොත්තු වන්න
கல்வி மற்றும் எங்கள் ஆயுதம் என்று நம்புகிறேன்

Sri Lanka Tamil Flag - The Sri Tamil Flag

Sri Tamil Flag 

Here is a hybrid Tamil-Sri Lanka flag.  It is also a flag for Sri Lanka-Tamil mixes who are have a Hindu and Buddhist ancestors.   If you ever see a report about this war, rarely will the press give details of the cultural orientiaions of the two sides.  The majority is a Buddhist India-like people group, while the Tamils are a Hindu-India peoples.  They have different languages and scripts, but both have ancient connections to India.

After 20 years of war, a fierce Warrior Buddhist leader in Sri Lanka decided unleash the full might of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Lions upon the Hindu Tamil Tigers.  Subsequently, the war finally ended 10 years ago, but the scars still run deep on both sides.

No doubt in the near future this isle will be known as paradise.  Tourists will flock here, and the beachfront property will bring abundance and joy to all.  They will look back at this war as a memory of misunderstanding, yet a war of Wisdom.  The challenge of the Hindu-Buddheic tradition will be immortalized on the isle shaped like a tear drop.

On thos flag the Tamil Tiger holds a different kind of sword known as the Aruval which has a billhook end, which is also very common in Southern India. The Tiger is jumping as well as it was in ancient Chola Royal flags.