Tuesday, December 31, 2019

After New Midnight News Years Twilight Flag

After the ball drops in your time zone, this flag goes up.  It is an indicator that the Old Year is still here!  An official day for the entire planet lasts more than 24 hours.  Thus the transition period between the New Year and Old Year is the summation of all its time zones.  Naturally there are 24 time zones but Kiribati jumps the gun and two hours ahead of everyone else.  Likewise UTC time is a zero time zone as well.

Think of it this way, one hour before the ball drops in Times Square, the New Year has already begun in London and Tokyo.  Consequently the Old Year is still hanging around, some where on planet Earth.   Then two hours later after the ball drops in NYC, Los Angeles is still in the past...with only two hours to go.  Bottom line is that the Old Year does not officially disappear until high noon at London.

Basically each time zone has a different hour upon which the echo of last year if officially over on January 1st for: NYC it is at 7:00am;  for Chicago and most of Texas it is at 6:00am; for Denver it is at 5:00am, for the West Coast it is at 4:00am, for Alaska 3:00am,  for Hawaii 2:00am, for American Samoa 1:00am.  The only place that can fly this flag with the 'dropping of a ball' is the last time zone...which just happens to belong to the USA: Baker and Howland Island.  They are the proverbial tail end time gunners, thus it is the USA that gets the last word in for Old Year.

Thus the last place to celebrate the New Year is in the USA.  If you want to be that Omega Wolf of sorts you have to travel to Baker or Howland Island.  No doubt in the near future, these two places will host New Year Eve parties for the special and extremely wealthy.

Is to be flown anywhere just after New Years, until the last time zone drops the ball so to speak.  The field is a violet twilight with a black hour glass with yellow embers glowing on the sides to represent the passing of the Old Year is not complete, rather that we are on the cusp of Old and New Year on a planetary level. 

If you want to really be dead last officially, the party should be held on Howland, since it is a little be further east than Baker.  It is like the difference between twins, which the older twin is older by few minutes.   Thus the east end of Howland Island is the last place on planet Earth to say goodbye to the New Year.

Instead of ball as in NYC and conch as in Key West, the dropping of the New Year on Howland Island is big Glowing Pineapple.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Mushu Imperial China Flag

The Mushu Imperial China flag is based upon the flag of Imperial China, but with Disney's Mushu as the dragon.  Further Disney's version of Mushu is based upon the dragon of China's old flag.

Mushu Welsh Flag Fun

Mushu is a dragon, consequently he makes a nice model for the Welsh flag.  Mushu already is read anyways!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Snomonton Flag in Jack Frost 1997

Notice US flag in the 1997 Choirmastmas Classic.  Choirmastmas is a Christmas movie with a horror theme, like Gremlins and Black Christmas.

Snomonton Colorado is the setting for the 1997 Christmas Horror Cult Classic Jack Frost. Although you'd have a hard time finding this city on Google Maps, it exists in Mandela Affectus State of Being.

You can see the municipality logo of Snomonton upon the police cruiser.  It is hard to make out but it looks like there is a bridge of some sort on it.

Evidence for the Mandala Effect - CEMETERY is spelled CEMETARY
Another piece of evidence for the Mandala Effect.  In this quantum universe cemetery is spelled 'CEMETARY.' The evidence is in the map.

Another evil winter is born in Colorado.  First there was Jack Nicholson who was dull boy.  But on the other side of creepy and campy universe is another Jack, who has become an evil snowman.  There are rumors that Jack Frost III will be filmed at the hotel of the Shining.

Movies are like time capsules, and Jack Frost is community Christmas Album from the 1990s.  Retro movies often exaggerate what old decades once were.  But here we can see the ubiquitous 1990s great white monitor and classic 1990s lamp.  In this shot the police badge and tail end of the US flag are visible in this 1990s shot. The 1990s was the last decade before mass cell phone communication.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Stanford Christmas Tree Flag

Stanford has the standard single letter to represent the University.  If the letter 'S' were by itself, it'd be generic college 'S' symbol for a university.  This is college bound 'S' plays second fiddle to a giant tree of sorts.  This added element from the plant kingdom gives the generic, college, letter 'S'... original value and substance.

In honor of Christmas, Stanford's logo is Northploraized with the spirit of Santa.  A star is added to the top and several multicoloured balls can be seen dangling. 

The honored redwood upon Stanford's S is more than just some tree.  It is a living organism that has been around since before: the Declaration of Independence of 1776, Willy's Silly Game of Conquer of 1066, and before the split of Europe's Churches of Constantinople and Rome, when the churches of London, Spain, Moscow, Athens and Germany were all united under a single leader.   It was calculated this tree began life at around 1000 AD, plus or minus a few years.

The Giant Sequoia's name is El Palo Alto.   Palto Alto is usually translated as tall stick.   However in an quasi-equivalent acoustic translation would be Palm Altitude.  El Palo Alto is neither a he nor a she, but a schmee.  A schmee is both male and female, which is quite common in the plant kingdom.  Many plants have gendered trees, which is biologically known as dioicous.  Most animals are dioicous, having separate male and female individuals.  Note that the gender properties gets quite complex within the plant kingdom.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Flag of Palo Alto, California

The flag of Palo Alto is a tribar of blue, white, and green.  In the center is the famous redwood giant El Palo Alto.  On top is a seal with the date and the word California.  If you were take off the yellow seal with words and date, it would make a 'Good Flag.'  In fact it would a sibling flag to the Cultural Cascadian Flag.

Palo Alto City Flag, Redone as a 'Good Flag'

Palo Alto is famous for having the Harvard of the West Coast, Stanford and being a part of San Francisco Bay Community.  Additionally it is at the epicenter of Silicon Valley.

City of Palo Alto Seals for Christmas

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Northern Mariana Christmas Flag

The Christmas Mariana Flag has a few alterations.  Primarily the five pointed star is now a Star of Bethlehem.  Also several of the decorations are glowing yellow.  The background is also a darker shade of blue.

Holiday Guam Flag

Since Guam has palm tree upon it, it can easily be turned into a holiday themed flag.  In this case, white lights are added.  It is also night time.

Although a world away Guam is that other extra part of the United States like Washington DC and Puerto Rico that does not get a star on the national flag.

Christmas is celebrated in similar fashion to the mainland, with added Guamanian dishes, minus the snow and ice.

California and Washington DC Christmas Flags

Christmas in California can vary.  Up north you have the Germanic Christmas with snow and darkness, but down south you have a Holy Land style kind of weather.  Because Southern Cal is at the same latitude of Israel, thus Mary and Jo would most likely feel at home in San Diego, rather than say Sacramento on December 25th.

In any case, the California flag with a Christmas theme has the bear in a Santa outfit, minus the boots.  The bear is walking on snow covered ground and it is snowing.  Finally the word 'Republic' is replaced with 'Christmas.'

Since the fraternal partner of California is Columbia: District of Washington, the flag of DC too has a Christmas theme.  For DC the upper stripe is green and so is the middle star.  It also has 'Merry Christmas' written in the stripes.  The upper green stripe has it in red, while the lower stripe has it in green with matching coloured balls.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Flags in Krampus - 2015

Several flags appear in the True to Life Nightmare Before Chirstmas...Universal's Krampus 2015.  In the opening sequence plastic red holiday pennant flags can be seen at the entranceway.  The store is obviously having a Christmas blowout sale, and the shoppers are show a corrupted spirit of Christmas.  It seems contagious as the staff, children, and older folks act in ugly and greedy fashions.  There is no famine, no natural disaster, no war threat, yet, their avarice and selfish spirit is a common place behavior during the American holiday season.  

The US flag makes a brief cameo in Universal's Krampus 2016.  During the introductory scene the 
US flag appears as a badge on the security store staff at the fictional Mucho Mart.  The flag is on the left shoulder of the security agents who have fired their tasers.  

The UK flag also makes a small appearance in Krampus as a bedroom decoration for the more than cool for family teenage daughter.  It is just barely lit in the background.

Krampus 2015 is the key note film that captures the feels and style of the 20-teens.  Cell phones, aggressive shoppers, and ghoulish bystanders who record heinous acts for joy as voyeuristic scandal-standers.

Flags in Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever - 2014

Grumpy Cat became more than a meme, a kind of institution in her own right.  In the movie Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever several flag make an appearance.  The US stars and stripes appear as a vest for the supporting heroine of the Lifetime movie.

The Grumpy Cat Christmas Special is light farce, something of a cartoon with silly antics for the whole family.  Grumpy steals the show.  It is packed with that spirit of the 20-tweens, wry and dry internet humor galore.   If you are a fan of Grumpy Cat, this is a cheesy delight for people who love cats.

Another vexilloid of interest are the frozen blue plastic pennants at Santa's Village.  You can just barely make them out on top of the candy cane towers on either side of Santa.   Santa at the mall is a staple in most subruban American communities.  Beforehand, Santa used to appear at larger general stores.

Another unique logo to appear in this movie is the 'Louieton Animal Rescue' seal.  It features a dog and a cat and typical circular seal.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Kiritimati 'Christmas' Island Flag of Kiribati

 There are several Christmas Islands!  Perhaps the most famous is the one next to Indonesia that is populated mostly by Chinese Australians.  There is a Christmas island in Canada, Nova Scotia.  Tasmania even has two Christmas Islands.  But a close runner up to equatorial Christmas Island of Australia is Christmas Island of Kiribati.

The flag for Kiritimati— Christmas Island of the North — is loosely based upon the flag of Christmas Island of Australia.  However there are several differences.  First, the central disc has the outline of Kiritimati. In the bottom half, the national bird of the Kiribati is flying in the lower red half, which is the frigate bird.  On the upper blue half is the 'Northern Cross Constellation' which is within the constellation of Cygnus.  Additionally a seven pointed star near the fly represents the star Vega, which was made popular in movie Contact 1997.

The islanded nation of Kiribati is a geographic wonderland, since it sits at the cross hairs of geography.  Kiribati straddles the equator and 180th Meridian, which is the opposite of the Prime Meridian.  Likewise the island of Kiritimati translates to Christmas Island.  Many older maps retain this name.

Like Aussie Christmas Island, Central Pacific Christmas Island was a British Colony.  During the War of Endless Tears both Christmas Islands were occupied by the Imperial Japanese Navy.   Eventually, the UK regained control of the Kiribati and gave it independence in 1978.  Then in 1983 the US released its claim to several of its islands.

Interesting aspect about Christmas Island of the North is that it has cities names Poland, Paris, London and every one's favorite name for a city... Banana.

Canada's Christmas Island Flag, Nova Scotia

Everyone knows about Australia's Christmas Island.  But did you know that Canada also has a Christmas Island?  And this island is more a kin to what most of us think about Christmas in Europe and North America, a kind to what Santa would expect in at the North Pole.

The Christmas Island flag has a Canadian pale with two crossed candy canes.  Three green maple leaves sit at different angles.  This flags is themed to say Canada and Christmas at the same time. 

Christmas Island, Nova Scotia is and island on and island of sorts; since it is on Cape Breton Island.

Christmas Island Flag Northpolarized

The funny thing about Christmas Island, is that its flag is not so Christmassy.  So in honor of Christmas this flag named after Christmas deserves the Northpolarization treatment.   Red and green lights are added around the border, a Santa hat is on the bird, and the Southern Cross stars have a warm glow.   Now, this Christmas Island flag says Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

There is one small officially Spanish speaking country in the heart of Africa: Equatorial Guinea.  In a way it is a cousin Equador.  In fact you could call this country Equador Guinea?  Apparently Guinea means black in Arabic, so some thing.  Funny thing about Guinea, there are a lot of nations that use this term, it seems that people love it: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea.  Bottom line there are a lot of Guineas, but note guinea pigs have little to do with the Guineas across the world.

The Christmas Equatorial Guinea Flag is altered for the Christmas Holiday.  The coat of arms is a bit larger than normal.  The God Tree (Cebia pentandra) is a tropical tree makes a silky cotton and is used for a variety of purposes.  It is the national tree for: Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and even honored in Sierra Leone as the Cotton Tree.  Also the stars are glowing and three are coloured white, in order to give a sparkly appearance.  Finally the motto on the ribbon has changed to read 'Feliz, Paz, Navidad.'

Persons from African-Ecuador have a good relation with persons from the Dominican Republic, since both persons have a mixed Spanish-African heritages.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cascadian Battle Flag

The Cascadian Battle Flag is based upon the flag of Jamaica but with Cascadian colours.  In the central X saltire are 13 pine cones that are reflective of the Original 13 colonies of the United States.

If you didn't know pine cones are basically woody flowers for pine trees of all sorts.  They are not as pretty as flower petals but they show strength and power of the conifer, when given time can grow strong and tall and last, and remain green through the hash winter. 

Cascadia Naval Jack

The Cascadian Naval Jack is for use with anyone with letter of mark in support of the Cascadian Nation.  The Jack is based upon the flag of Quebec combined with elements of Cascadian colours.

The Cascadian Christmas Flag

This version of the Cascadia Flag has a few coloured balls upon it, in honor of Christmas. Both Canada and the US already celebrate Christmas along similar lines.  Shopping lines, church lines, and decorating conifers with brightly coloured objects.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Durango Christmas Flag

The Durango Christmas flag is lit up for the Holidays.  The eight acorns are glowing with a yellow light.  The crown also had the pearls and gems lit.  Although Mexico does not have a monarch, Spain does.  Additionally the green acorns in the oak on the shield are lit.  Likewise red and white lights are included to echo the colours of Mexico. 

Christmas in Mexico may seem weird for most Americans and Canadians but it actually makes more sense with respect to climate.  Reason being much of Northern Mexico is at the same latitude of Israel.  Consequently the climate of Western Mexico would be most like to home for Jesus, family, and his disciples...than say NYC or Toronto.  But Western Texas, Arizona and Sur Cali are a noce match to weathed and parallel to Israel.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Christmas Peru Flag

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas in Peru?  Remember that no nation has a monopoly on Christmas and there many ways to celebrate. Since there is a tree on the flag of Peru, it can make a wonderful holiday Christmas flag.
The Peruvian Navidad Flag has changed the middle white bar to mostly black.  Usually, the middle bar is white, but snow conserves the original white colour.  Within the seal, glowing lights are added to the surrounding garland.  On the left side, the palm branch has white lights.  On the right side, the red laurel fruits are glowing, up as well as white lights.  A red and white bow is in the compartment area, which fits doubly, like a candy cane and as a reflection of Peru's national colours.

Officially Peru celebrates Christmas during the summer time, December 25th and it is in the sultry hot equatorial region.  However, high in the Andes Mountains it can snow on Christmas. Upon the shield, a horn of plenty has coloured ornaments instead of golden coins.  In the upper right quarter the silhouette of a yellow vicuña. Vicuña's are in the llama family but are the smallest kind, kind'of like a pony version of llama.  Yet they are not a llamas, as ponies are not horses.  For some strange reason, many people think ponies are baby horses.  A good nick name for these animals is llamatito.

In the upper right portion of the shield is the famous Cinchona tree.  Mostly likely, you have heard of the Chinchilla.  But few know about the Cinxhona tree.  Both the Chinchilla and Cinchona are from South America.  Chances are you have drank of the nutrients from Peru's national tree.  The primary product is quinine, which is found in tonic water to give it its taste.  If you ever had gin n' tonic or just plain tonic water, you were tasting a flavor from South America.  Quinine in a more concentrated form fights off malaria.  Most American bartenders know this molecule as the Q Button on the drink nozzle.  Perhaps we should spell it as the Qinquona tree instead of Cinchona tree?  In a way, every time a bartender presses on the Q button, they are pressing on the majestic Cinchona tree of South America.  But the Northpolarized flag of Peru, the Cinchona tree is lit up with yellow lights.

Coincidentally one of the largest companies that consumes and sells quinone is Canada Dry.  Likewise, you may have noticed that Canada and Peru have similar flags, for the record Peru was first. Further, you can often find the Peru Flag without its coat of arms—it looks like the Canadian flag minus its leaf.  Or rather, the Canadian flag looks like the flag of Peru with a maple leaf.

Bi-National Canadian-Peruvian Heritage Flag?
As Canada is to maple syrup, Peru is to quinone of tonic water.  Thus you can enjoy the All North & South American Christmas Cocktail: The Quanuck'abida.  This is a new international drink made up of tonic water, maple syrup, and dash of ginger ale, garnished with a lemon, and served ice cold on the rocks.  After you drink it you're suppose to say 'Felicitado Nativtado.'   For the adult version you can add a swig of gin.

Finally in the crest position, above the shield, the wreath is converted into an Advent Wreath or Christmas Crown, with glowing red and white lights.  An Advent Weath is like a Catholic Menorah with only four candles, instead of nine, that are placed on a wreath.  In the center is an eight pointed Star of Bethlehem.

Bartender Drink Gun Nozzle Pic

Friday, December 13, 2019

Bryansk Oblast Christmas Flag, Western Russian Province 'State'

To Further Robin Williams - It's like a Prius with a Gun Rack

Tis the Season for Christmas, even in Russia.  But they celebrate after the New Year, on January 7th.  It just so happens the most Christmastable flag of Russia is one of its Western border regions, Bryansk (брянск).  Bryansk is the 'Keystone Federal Subject' of Russia.  Basically Federal Subjects are equivalent to US states.  In this case Bryansk borders Ukraine and Belarus. In a way Bryanks sits in the middle of the three Eastern Slavic Amigos, just as Silesian Voivodeship (województwo śląskie) in the middle of the three Western Slavic Amigos (Poland, Czech, and Slovakia).

For the holiday season the flag of Bryansk is Northpolarized.  The background is dimmed red while the acorns are lit up with yellow lights.  Additionally the three of Bryansk has holiday lights and star decorating it.  You can also see several stars in the background.  Bryansk even has a red and green ribbon that just oozes Christmas.

Note an echo of the old socialist heraldry made into the flag of the 'New Modern Russia.'  It is supposed to only represent the workers.  

с рождеством, счастливого Рождества 
(Merry Christmas)

Это сезон на Рождество, даже в России. Но они празднуют Новый год, 7 января. Просто так получилось , самый Christmastable флаг России является одним из западных приграничных районов Брянской ( брянск ). Брянск является «Keystone субъекта федерации» России. В основном федеральные субъекты эквивалентны американские штаты. В этом случае Брянский граничит с Украиной и Белоруссией. В некотором смысле Bryanks сидит в середине три восточнославянской Amigos, так же , как Силезское воеводство ( Województwo śląskie ) в середине три западных славянской Amigos (Польша, Чехия и Словакия).

Для курортного сезона флаг Брянска Northpolarized. Фон затемнен красным цветом во время желуди засветились желтым светом. Кроме того , три из Брянска праздник огней и звезды , украшающие его. Вы также можете увидеть несколько звезд в фоновом режиме. Брянск даже имеет красную и зеленую ленту , которая просто сочится Рождество.

Обратите внимание , отголосок старой социалистической геральдики сделали в флаг «Новой современной России». Предполагается представлять только рабочих.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Illinois & North Dakota Holiday Flag

The Illinois Holiday Flag has Woodstock standing in for the National Bird.  Woodstock is also wearing a Santa hat and it is night time.  There is a moon rise over Lake Michigan and several constellations can be seen: the Big Dipper and Little Dipper.   The motto has changed to read 'Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.'  Lastly the olive branch turned into mistletoe.   The grass is no loner visible due to snowfall and the lake side has no waves since it is frozen over.

 Since Woodstock represents Illinois for the Holiday, another American avian icon from fantasia was chosen to represent North Dakota: Woody Woodpecker.  For the Christmas North Dakota flag Woody takes up position as the national bird.  He is red, white, and blue after all.

However Woody is carrying candy canes in the his left talon and holly in the right, which is sometimes used as an alternative to official mistletoe.  The motto has changed in his beak as well it now reads 'Merry Chirstmas.'  Woody is also wearing a Santa cap.   The aurora glow above the stars is red and green.  Along the bottom several Christmas balls are hanging from the North Dakota banner.

To really appreciate the design of the Illinois Holiday flag you need to look at the original.  Although the official flag does not have a golden circle, the official seal does.  Like all good Northpolarized flags night becomes day and the stars and moon are visible.

Below is the official North Dakota flag with the its Northpolarized version.  It definitely has more noise.  It is like the old debate of white lights versus coloured lights.  White lights never go wrong have an element of class.  But coloured lights offer a more playful and ranged essence.  Both are nice and its good the enjoy them all.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Utah & Lousiana Christmas Flags

The Christmas flag for Utah is based upon the official flag of Utah, but with some style and colour adjustments.  All the arrows have disappeared.  Instead the two large arrowhead flag poles have transformed into trumpets.  In place of the American flags are two holiday themed Christmas flags.  The one on the left towards the hoist reads 'JOY' in a green canton with red and white stripes, while the one on the right towards the fly reads 'NOEL' in a red canton with green and white stripes.  The bald eagle is replaced with the seagull in reference to the miraculous appearance of a flock of seagull in Utah in 1848 appeared to avert disaster for the Mormon Exodus to Mexican Utah.  Also the six smaller arrows that appear out the honor point have transformed into six candy canes.

The flowers along the beehive are poinsettias, which is the traditional flower of Christmas, from Mexico.  If you forgot, poinsettias are native to North America, not the Holy Land.  Rather poinsettias were cultivated by the Aztecs, who later passed this flower to Spain, then Mexico and finally during the 1820s to an American Diplomat, Joel Roberts Poinsetta.  Today this Native American plant cultivated by the 'Pagan' hands of Mexico are an American Symbol of Christmas.   The story of the poinsettia flower has a few similarities to the origins of the 'Pagan' Christmas tree.  But instead of the Ancient Aztecs, it was the Ancient Norse and Germanic Tribes that added this essential element to Christmas. Neat thing about the poinsettia is that it a kind of 'missing link' of flowers.  Look closely at a poinsettia and you can see that those red flowers are actually red leaves.  Biologists believe that flowers evolved from coloured leaves.  It may not be so obvious with the rose or sego lily; the state flower of Utah is the sego lily that is visible on Utah's official flag. But it is quite obvious with the flor de pascua (that's poinsettia in Spanish... whatever it was in Aztequenese... who knows?)

Nonetheless, when the Mormons fled in a providential New World, Newer Kind of Testament- Exodus to Utah, it was still a part of Mexico.  Long story short, the first Mormon of Thanksgiving Harvests was saved by a flock of seagulls, considered an act of Divine Providence by Mormons and people of faith.  Consequently, the Christmas Flag of Utah has the word 'Industry' replaced with 'Providence.'  The beehive is also decorated with yellow lights, and the year of the Seagull Miracle is underneath the word Utah, instead of 1847.

Finally there are 45 snow flakes in the ball that represent Utah's position as the 45th state in the Union.  The 45 snowflakes are reflective of the overlooked and lovely snow globe.  Note, there has yet to be a great Hollywood Snow Globe Christmas Classic?  Maybe the 2020s will finally give us a good Snow Globe film?

The Louisiana Christmas flag is based upon the official flag of Louisiana.  However, there are some differences.  The background is a darker shade of blue to reflect a night's sky.  In fact, the star positions are what can be seen from Bethlehem every December 25, near midnight: except for the Star of Bethlehem, which was only visible when Jesus was born.  The constellation of Orion is on the right side of Pelican pointing towards the Star of Bethlehem.  In the upper right hand side, the constellation Gemini is visible.  The stars visible at night are opposite of the zodiac, as to ones assigned a birth. If you believe that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, that makes Jesus a Capricorn.  But every December, the constellation of Capricorn is nowhere to be seen from Earth.  Reason being it is directly behind the Sun during this time of the year.  You'd have to wait until summer to see the stars of Capricorn.   So every December 24th, starlight from Gemini, Cancer, and Taurus bathes the Earth.  This is the same starlight that would have bathed Joseph, Mary, the three wise men, and a donkey on that special night some 2020 years ago. 

Providentially Louisiana already has an official flag charmed with Christian Heraldry, and Louisiana is at the nearly the same equivalent latitude of Israel.  Thus the stars that pass directly over Israel also pass directly overhead to the Louisiana.  More specifically, Natchitoches, Louisiana is at the same latitude of Bethlehem.

Specifically, the Pelican is associated with Christianity.  But in the Louisiana Christmas Flag the pelican is roosting on the three eggs, instead of slicing open its chest for the next generation.  Also, the nest is decorated with holiday colours of red, yellow, and green.  The ribbon underneath now reads 'Holy Silent Night.'  Finally, the star of Bethlehem shines in the upper right region of the flag.

The three eggs of the Louisiana Holiday flag can represent any number of associations: like the trinity of Christianity, the triangle, trigonometry (triangle-ology, aka... the advanced study of triangles).  We usually associated Christmas with the birth of Christ, but this flag accidentally echoes that two other souls were born in Jesus's generation, who were destined to fall upon the cross simultaneously with Jesus.  Although less remembered and not celebrated, these two other lives are eternally remembered and are fodder for good storytellers.  Many people would love to sacrifice their life for their Nation and/or Gods Purpose, but imagine having your life end along side the Messiah?  But this flag is not about endings, but rather beginnings.  Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Christ, and Christianity.  It is a collective memory from our ancient past, that all of humanity can have hope and join in communal love. Although there are many paths and many interpretations, in the beginning, all were one.