Monday, July 9, 2018

The State of New Jersey Looks like a Pharaoh's Bust

The secret is out! 

The shape of New Jersey looks like a Pharaoh's bust, when you put it upside down.  There is a New Egypt, New Jersey after all.  The fire department of New Egypt, New Jersey even uses an ancient Egyptian camel on its banner.  It's one of the few American fire departments to use Middle Eastern designs, Station 39.

New Egypt, New Jersey is in Burlington County, in Plumsted Township, as an unincorporated community.  This is the part of New Jersey that puts the garden in the Garden State! 

Really! This part of New Jersey looks like Nebraska and they grow the best tomatoes and blueberries.

All-doe' New York may be da' Big Apple, New Jersey is da' Zesty Tomato!  The A to da'  Z of America!  

For youz who don't understand wit' da' dense skull... da' A represent da' A in Apple for New York, and da' Z represent da' Z in Zesty Tomato for New Jersey!  Capeesh? Like' da' Alpha and Omega?   And a don't forgidit!

  Interesing fact is dat' apples... are a from da' Asia, and da' tomato is a from da' America!!
(...and so dida' Ala'berta Einstein)

So Watta'  you likes betta' ... Apple Pie or da' Pizza Pie?  You like da' Pizza' ... you like da' New Jersey! New Jersey a litta' mor' cheesy dan' a New York.  Yeah, apple pie is a sweet and good, but a nutin' like a Jersey Pizza Pie!  

Don't believe me?  You go to da' Jersey Shore, and trya' Manco see, its'a very good!  And a rememba'  New Jersey is a home to da':



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