Monday, July 30, 2018

Laverne & Shirley on the 1958 Wisconsin Flag

Laverne and Shirley were two nostalgic characters from the 1970s who starred in a network television show which that took place in the 1950s! It's only fitting that these girls get honored on the Wisconsin flag.  Shirley is on the left as the sailor and Laverne is on the right as the miner.

The shield is modified with Laverne and Shirley items.  In the first quarter is the abc logo, in the second quarter is the fictional Shotz brewery logo, in the third quarter is the iconic glove on beer bottle, and in the fourth quarter is badge of things that belong the Laverne—The Cursive "L". 

Wisconsin Flag - Nostaglia & Middle of America: Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, That 70s Show, and RedLetterMedia

There is something magically nostalgic about Wisconsin...
Maybe there is something strange in the cheese or's the beer? 

Wisconsin has featured three hit shows that replayed that feels of a generation earlier.  First, there was Happy Days, which was filmed in front of a live audience, that aired in the 1970s.  The plots focused on everyday life in suburbia.  It was so popular that it had several spin offs.  The most popular being the Laverne and Shirley Show which also took place in the late 1950s-early 1960s.  The lead flag here featured has of the lead characters from Happy Days, the Fonz as the sailor and Ritchie Cunningham as the miner.

The Wisconsin 1958 flag has the two goofballs from The Laverne and Shirley Show—Lenny and Squiggy.  Notice that the coat of arms has been modified.  In the first quarter is the abc logo, in the second quarter is the Shotz brewery. In the third quarter is the signature glove on beer, and in the fourth quarter is the cursive L for Laverne.

Most recently there was That 70s Show which aired in the late 1990s, making That 70s Show in true life That 90s Show, and looking back from 2018 makes That 70s Show perfectly in sync form the 90s to the 20-tweens. (You might have to read that sentence, real slowly for that temporal fact to sink in)

Again, simple life stories where the mainstream plot showcasing what middle of the road American life was like, but a bit more edgy, even by today's hyper-sensitive times.  They even had the Happy Days's Good & Bad Boy duo of the clean cut kid hanging around a bad boy nonconformist.  For Happy Days the clean cut square was Ritchie Cunningham—who was the ginger, sweet, fellow that tried to do the right thing.  His opposite was the bad boy greaser—the Fonz, who told his opponents to "SIT ON IT!"  

Upon the 1978 Wisconsin flag, the sailor is Eric Foreman, the middle of the road kid, with a nuclear family and dad who served in the Korean War.  The square Star Wars Nerd was played by Topher Grace, the clean cut kid.  On the right side with the shades is Steven Hyde—played by Danny Masterson, and Hyde had the extreme issues of a dysfunctional-family.  Steven grew up with a single mom, who abandoned him while he was still in high school.  The one weakness of the show is that it should have started in 1971, instead of 1977.  Ironically Happy Days was created in the 1970s, making it the real, authentic "That 70s Show" or rather That 50's Show.

So what about today in 2018, right now?  Oddly there is no popular nostalgic TV show that is centered on Wisconsin. However, there is an Internet show that is really filmed in Wisconsin and features a fictional retro TV VCR repair shop—Lighting Fast VCR Repair— retro to the 1990s?  The shows are created by RedLetterMedia

Nonetheless, the popular Internet shows of RedLetterMedia are independent and epic of the 80s and 90s generations.  Additionally, this is a true blue, born and bread Wisconsin show!  The cast and most of the crew are, indeed, really from Wisconsin.  In a way their production could be titled That Movie Review Show of the 90s & 80s of Happier Days Gone By.

For the 2018 Wisconsin flag the sailor is Mike Stoklasa whose dead pan humor can give Bill Murray a run for his money.  On the right is Rich Evans who is in a similar vein to Dan Aykroyd, that makes Jay Bauman the Egon of the group.

No matter what—WE LOVE YOU WISCONSIN!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Native American Heritage Flag

You might be thinking this is Confederate flag?  Wrong!  It is a Native American Heritage flag based upon the flag of the Muscogee Republic, which existed long before the birth of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln.  

The Muscogee Republic was the original Southern Nation that arose on US and Spanish territory in 1799.  Its capital was located at Miccosukee, Florida.  It was mainly composed of Native Americans who elected William August Bowels as their national leader, who was born in Maryland, whence it was still a colony of the UK.  However the Muskogee Republic was fighting against Spain and the United States.

The flag of the Original Southern Rebellion of 1799 had a blue cross, trimmed in white, on a red field with blue canton with a yellow Sun of Splendor.  This rebel flag also represents a forlorn often forgotten chapter in American History.  Eventually the Muscogee peoples would all be moved to Oklahoma by a South Carolina President in the 1830s.  Who knew that South Carolina would later lead another Southern rebellion some 30 years later in 1860?  And it too was defeated by Federals.

But a generation before the War Between the States, The Muscogee Republic was critically damaged when a US Indian Agent, Benjamin Hawkins, captured the Muscogee Commander-in-Chielf Bowels on May 24, 1803.  The Muscogee homelands were originally in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Although this Native American Heritage flag is designed after the flag of the Muscogee Republic, it can be used by Native American Tribe, even those that did not participate in Jackson's Bloody March to Oklahoma of 1830. Likewise those who are charged with never forgetting the injustices of Native American rights are permitted to fly this flag.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Anglo-Danish Unity Flag

London and Copenhagen are cities on islands just off the coast of Europe.  England and Denmark are fraternal flag twins on two levels.  Their royal standards unite lions in similar stances and numbers, likewise their national flags of the cross are similar.  Both are connected to Europe, but just slightly detached.

Funny thing is that English Muffins and Danishes are a favorite breakfast treat in the United States.  Coincidentally the US was initially formed from the English in 1776 and the last part of the Americas to become a part of the USA was from the Danish.  It happened in 1916 when Copenhagen sold the islands to Washington.   

Seven Kingdoms English Heritage Flag

England takes its linguistic and most recent heritage roots to the Seven Kingdoms period.  In honor of that time frame we have the Seven English Kingdom's Flag.  In the canton is the flag of England, the red cross on white.  If you read across then the winged dragon is Wessex, the three crowns belong to East Anglia, the three swords represent Essex.  On the bottom from the left-fly area is the horse of Kent, the birds of Sussex, the bars of Northumbria, and finally the yellow X on blue for Mercia.

The other parts of the UK have a Celtic orientation.  There has been a lot of mixing, but these seven kingdoms have been at the cultural heart of the English, for it was of this tribe of seven whose language would be imparted upon the seven corners of the Earth and Moon.  

Indeed, the seven kingdoms is the basis for the seven kingdoms of HBO's popular Game of Thrones Series.

Auld Alliance Flag, Scotland & France—The Auld Lang Syne Flag

The Auld Alliance was a international political treaty organization set by the former monarchs of Scotland and France.  Neat thing is that both nations used the fluer-di-lis as royal emblems.  For Royal France the lilies are yellow and the centerpiece, while for Scotland the lilies are red and spread around the double frame, tressure.

Primarily this is a post-historical, educational flag that represents the ancient connections that nations can have.  The kingdoms of Scotland and France would team up to keep English ambitions in check.  Additionally persons or companies of a joint Scottish-French are privy to use the flag at their leisure.

But do note, there is no longer a singular Scottish King—not since 1603.  Likewise there is no longer a French Monarch—not since 1870.

In the binary tradition of Scottish tanistry, this flag also represents Auld Lang Syne.  A flag and song not only for Scotland, it is dedicated to France, the West, England, the UK, and the world.  This song is enchanted with nostalgia and the past, that once upon a time souls lived before us, which fought, died, and prayed, and are undeniably interconnected with our lives from Africa, Asia, the Americas, unto Australia, and worlds beyond.  These ancient souls once lived on our humble abode, and at the passing of every Old Year an echo of their lives with this hymn is played, beckoning us to cherish the past...


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

London, Underground Symbol - In David Gray's Babylon

Music is a special kind of communication that can capture feelings beyond the word, with sound alone.  Words are acquired and languages differ.  But every once and a while, a song is released that can transcend languages and international borders.  Previously, the feelings of tension and anxiety has been expertly captured within suspenseful and horror films.  But note, not all emotions have been recorded or scored, which can transcend linguistic barriers. 

In 1998, a most overlooked, somber, yet most powerful feeling was captured in the UK.  The sorrowful feeling of surrender to a higher force with sincere honesty, with an intention for higher hopes—beyond the ego.  It is the reflective feeling that is a recognition of hindsight, tangential to regret, the closing of an unpleasant door, and a change of heart to the peaceful loving center—as performed by David Gray in the song, Babylon 1998.  

Of vexillological importance is the official video that features a shot of the London Underground Train Platform at Paddington Station. Paddigton Station has been fate?  By chance?  Or by Destiny?  No doubt several hearts were broken and remade at this enchanted locale.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Big Apple Flag & Zesty Tomato Flag

Once upon a time, someone coined the term The Big Apple.  Well, right next to the Big Apple is New Jersey.  People in NYC often look down at Jersey, making New Jersey the quintessential underdog.  Even though western Connecticut is just like Jersey it does not have the same reputation, being a concrete jungle spiked with pollution and outspoken pushy people.  But it is not always a rivalry.  When New York and New Jersey team up, they are an unstoppable force linking the upscale and downscale, white collar and blue collar, the plain Jane and fancy Nancy.

Likewise New Jersey prides herself on the Jersey Tomato, thus it is fitting that this original fruit from New Jersey totally represents America more authentically than say a large apple.  Reason being, apples are from the Old World, while Tomatoes were cultivated in the New World by "savages"---NOT!! in the Americas.  So you can enjoy All American Apple Pie, from New York or a Zesty Pizza Pie from New Jersey.  Sorry, New York...but it is a fact that New Jersey has better pizza!  As a consolation, people prefer apple juice over tomato juice 10 to 1, but Jersey Pizza Pie is America's Best.  Likewise nothing can beat a home baked New York Apple Pie.

Yeah, New York is famous for its flat pizza, which beats down Illinois's Chicago Pizza by a mile, which is more akin to a Pizza Quiche.  Don't get me wrong, NY flat pizza is delish!  And cah-go' pizza is unique treat everyone should try. But you can't beat out Jersey's fresh tomatoes.

And remember the Statue of Liberty, technically is within New Jersey's borders.

New Jersey & New York 

The Boss & The Piano Man

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Flags in the Thing 1982

The hero of the story is seen here standing amongst black flags at the Antarctic base.  A threatening environment with a threatening life force, from beyond.  Or maybe an ancient life form?   This movies is a hybrid classic that lightly traces the original seed to The Thing From Another World 1951 and Who Goes There? 1938 novella by Don A. Stuart.

Sci-fi horror from the 1980s by John Carpenter hit a high note in a reconstituted version, made more real and visceral than the lighthearted romp of the, now cheesy by today's standards, 1950's The Thing.  However, both films effectively capture the unknown and paranoia in a bottle, and release it unto the public. Black  flags can be seen next to the US flag in draped-tie mode.  Also visible is an orange pennant upon the tractor.

This movie is a grotesque masterpiece, that does not end like a typical horror movie, with a tiny bit of dread mixed with a drop of hope.  It is a counter note to E.T. which was also released in 1982.  This is one alien that you don't want touching your finger.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The State of New Jersey Looks like a Pharaoh's Bust

The secret is out! 

The shape of New Jersey looks like a Pharaoh's bust, when you put it upside down.  There is a New Egypt, New Jersey after all.  The fire department of New Egypt, New Jersey even uses an ancient Egyptian camel on its banner.  It's one of the few American fire departments to use Middle Eastern designs, Station 39.

New Egypt, New Jersey is in Burlington County, in Plumsted Township, as an unincorporated community.  This is the part of New Jersey that puts the garden in the Garden State! 

Really! This part of New Jersey looks like Nebraska and they grow the best tomatoes and blueberries.

All-doe' New York may be da' Big Apple, New Jersey is da' Zesty Tomato!  The A to da'  Z of America!  

For youz who don't understand wit' da' dense skull... da' A represent da' A in Apple for New York, and da' Z represent da' Z in Zesty Tomato for New Jersey!  Capeesh? Like' da' Alpha and Omega?   And a don't forgidit!

  Interesing fact is dat' apples... are a from da' Asia, and da' tomato is a from da' America!!
(...and so dida' Ala'berta Einstein)

So Watta'  you likes betta' ... Apple Pie or da' Pizza Pie?  You like da' Pizza' ... you like da' New Jersey! New Jersey a litta' mor' cheesy dan' a New York.  Yeah, apple pie is a sweet and good, but a nutin' like a Jersey Pizza Pie!  

Don't believe me?  You go to da' Jersey Shore, and trya' Manco see, its'a very good!  And a rememba'  New Jersey is a home to da':



Thursday, July 5, 2018

Flags in the Adjustment Bureau - 2011

Notice Unique Yellow Water Taxi Flag

Sometimes it feels like there are persons or entities out there that work against your intended desires and dreams, blocking your path on its intended purpose.  

For instance, when five random extra-ordinary events happen in one day that change your destiny.  Imagine if when you go to your dream job interview, and then, a car accident happens, followed by a construction crew that appears soon afterwards, after you pass the accident.  This makes you late for the interview, of your dream job,  you end up missing it, and you are denied entry into the building. 

Is this a Miracle on 48th Street? And Notice Italian Flag
Or the one time you forget your cell phone because you were helping somebody in need, and then you miss a very important call for the deal of a life time! Are there spirits blocking your path?  Angels?  Or higher beings?  Well, this is the plot of the Adjustment Bureau -2011.

Striving for your Destiny is common story telling device
Surely in the near future such technologies will allow people to play judge and jury as the gatekeeper to your ultimate destiny.  As most youth already post nearly everything of mild to no importance online, an AI will be able to calculate your points of destiny and map out your life, without your consent, likewise everything you do online is absorbed and used in a multitude of ways with out your consent.  It already happens with texting with the auto-fill spelling options.  It's only a matter of time when machines are able to predict every permutation of human behavior.

Nonetheless, the Adjustment Bureau is thought provoking film that takes on these themes.  Well made, it is a small treasure on the nature of human life.  Part fantasy, yet it can be considered science fiction.  This movie takes this the theme of path-blocking, and turns it into a homily of happiness.

((WARNING ENDING SCENE: Please watch the whole movie first))

Homestead Logo from Passengers - 2016

The Homestead logo from the movie Passengers 2016 features a kind of bee hive like hexagonal structure.  It has 38 hexagons in three different sizes.  In a way it reflects the class system of passengers upon the ship, large sizes for higher classes near the center and small sizes for classes on the outer rims.

Class is an ancient structure of society and communal animals.  In the modern day, many try to ignore and attempt to make it disappear.  But the need the separate and judge others according to ability and awareness seems to be natural phenomena, be it academically, by physical capacity, or by organic nature with identity politics.

Often, children especially relish judging others by their capacity to be athletic, beautiful, or intelligent, demonstrating the human appetite to put others in different classes, subsequently forming different cliques or "classes."  As with identity politics, wolf packs or any type of colonial insect, people are born or grow or fit into different castes.

Previously, new social perspectives would take decades to ferment and cause effective change. Usually younger generations would judge their ancestors as prejudiced-backwards thinking persons.  However as we go forward, the restructuring of the social class class dynamic has accelerated to about a five year span, whereby view and opinions from 2013 are deemed old fashioned by updated by socially progressive leaders.   Perhaps in the near future the dynamic will shift to a yearly cycle?  Whereby, last years viewpoints are deemed inappropriate?
The logo of the homestead company, which is shipping Earthlings on a one way trip to another planet, can be seen on a screen.  The hero/bad guy's name is seen on the screen, James Preston.  

An officer is awoken to help rescue the ship.  Only after a high ranking member is awoken can change be made.   On his right arm, the logo of the Homestead company can just barely be seen.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

US Flag in Needtobreathe - Something Beautiful

Music is a strange type of speech that is mix of prayer, chant, and release of spiritual energy.  In the Needtobreathe's Something Beautiful, the hopeful enchantment of this song mixes into le land of prayer, making it a kind of Sprayer or Sprong?

Is that Mr. Seagull, Johnathan L.?  With one of his disciples?  

The US flag appears in this song several times. Likewise there are also fireworks in this video.  Making this so so appropriate for today's holiday, the 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mercer County, New Jersey - Looks like a King's Head

Mercer County, New Jersey has a humble flag.  It is a green tree on a buff background, with ribbons announcing its name and established date, 1838.  But there is something neato about the shape of the county.  It looks like the head of a king! 

The crown portion is mostly Hopewell Township, which runs into Hunterdon County.  If you can imagine this king with a beard, then the city of Trenton is where the ear would be.

But the best association is, that, the nose is where Princeton Township is located.  This is so appropriate since many (but not all) academic egg heads are snooty and stick their noses up at common folk who do not have a substantial amount of letters that follow one's name like Ph.D., M.S., LL.M., S.J.D., or MD. If you can't find the nose, it's sniffing Somerset and Middlesex Counties.   Rumor has it the King of Mercer County is looking at NYC, in admiration, or is that jealousy?

As for the eye-ball of the Old King of Mercer County, it would be the area on the southwestern side of Mt. Rose, New Jersey.  Specifically the three roads when you line them perfectly outline the eye: Carter Road, Elm Ridge Road, and Pennington Rocky Hill Road.  Thus if you run around this area, you have run around the eye of King of Mercer County. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Original Canadian Tribar Flags: Newfoundland and Acadia

Happy Canada Day 2018!!!

Before the Canadian tribar flag was adopted in 1965, other Canadian flags have were adopted soon after Canada was confederated in 1867.  It was during the Wilfrid Laurier Era, Canada's French speaking founding father, that these flags were created.

Acadian-Canadians differ so slightly from the Quebec-Canadians, likewise Newfoundland-Canadians differ from the Continental-Canadians, since they were the last part incorporated into Canada after WWII.  Every so often you hear that some of the old British Caribbean Colonies might join up with Canada some day?  Like Turks and Caicos?
Although these flags have no official rank to represent geography, they are heritage flags that commemorate two honorable and distinct voices within Canada.