Friday, April 20, 2018

US Flag in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001

US flag at Leonardo, NJ in the 1970s in front of Quick Stop Groceries - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001.  Jay and Silent Bob were a new type of campy and edgy comedy that the Big Wigs in Hollywood overlooked.  However director Kevin Smith was able to rise to the top and showcase the life of people outside under the radar of Hollywood lights.  Today such comedies are a mainstay.  People always say, they should make a movie about "this and that".  Well, Kevin Smith scrounged up the balls to follow through, and became pathfinder for a new generation.

The US flag makes a clear centered appearance 'during the filming of Good Will Hunting II - Hunting Season.'  Here a snobby person is getting 'hunted' for being so arrogant.

You can just barely see a reversed American flag on the plexiglass sticker next to the clerk, Dante.  It was the movie Clerks 1994 that started the launch of the legendary unsinkable duo: Jay and Silent Bob.

A celebration of crass, raunchy, yet honest American humor of the likes of George Carlin would love and did love... Jersey Style.  Although seemingly stupid at times, it is also deeply intelligent when you look at it from the proper prospective.

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