Sunday, April 15, 2018

Operation Wolf - Trooper Insignia 1987

In 1987 the movies featuring Hollywood actors spilled over into creative Cold War atmosphere of coin operated video games.  Gun video games are an old thing, but perhaps the best original game that came with two buttons was Operation Wolf  by Taito.  This game was truly one of the first first person shooters to hit a high mark in the 1980s.  Although the standard thumb game controller is the main item of now, a controller that looked like a real life weapon was used in Operation Wolf.

Of vexillological consequence are the insignia upon our hero.  A coat of arms appear as patch upon his beret in the first cut scene.  It has dark green field with a three striped yellow sinister bend.

Our hero gets a new hat because the patch changes direction.  In the later cut scene the beret arms patch changes unto a sinister yellow and red dexter bend. 

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