Sunday, April 1, 2018

Flag of a United Timor - Timordonesian Flag

The United Ethnic Timor flag combines the flags of Indonesia and East Timor.  Often it is after fierce political separation that painful horrors from yesterday are passed down to the next generation.  Sometimes the hard memory increases with intensity and sometimes it dissolves.  Yet, the time will come when a boy from East Timor should fall in love from a girl from West Timor.  Consequently souls born of this union have the right to fly this flag.

You can't control it, love happens, and knows no boundaries.  Black women fall in love with white men, Christian-Germans fall in love with Jewish-Israelis, Baptist men from Texas sometimes take Muslim wives from Arabia, and every once and a while a meat and potatoes Republican will marry a sexy Democrat. Love happens.

Some may not like it, but love is a slow kind of gravity that overcomes the other with a healing grace.

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