Saturday, March 31, 2018

US Treasury Seal on Gamour Boys Dollar - Living Colour 1988

A large US dollar appears in Living Colour's video Glamour Boys 1988.  Living Colours was the rare 1980s African-American rock band that made some headway in pop culture.  You can see the seal of the US Treasury and the mint that the original dollar was copied from.  In this case case the dollar was create in SECTOR E - of Richmond Virginia.

This song and video poke fun and shallow, money, grubbing, image, obsessed men.  Gold diggers are usually considered female, but alas there are shinny, golden, turd, nugget digger males as well.  Unfortunately many of these obnoxious people get into positions of power.  But then a day come and the are humbled, if not by time then at the end.

Abundance and wealth is good, greed is bad.  Money is not evil, money is only a tool.  Take away money and you will still have selfish hoarding obsessed persons, willing to back stab and cheat no matter the currency.

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