Friday, March 23, 2018

Getting Over It - Flag Pole on Kids Castle Video Game by Bennet Foddy

Bennett Foddy - Playing Getting Over It

Getting Over It is mouse video game created by Bennett Foddy.  This game is majestic pile of  rage inducing puzzle that has the ability to pierce into the holes of the human heart.  No death, no shooting, no guns, just a man with a hammer who is suck in a pot, trying to get the top.   The closest thing to vexilloid is the flag-less flagpole on the children's jungle gym.

The game is something like a near perfect drug.  It is easy to get hooked into game play; human the curiosity and desire to win fuels one's addiction.  During the game play, perfectly positioned philosophical quotes and music underscore each fall, being simultaneously supportive and taunting.  Although just a video game, it's more of an experience.  In the end  those that persevere and practice make to the top in a moment of cosmic ecstasy.

This is based upon Sexy Hiking, but was rebooted with charming, philosophical bells and whistles.  Surely a sequel is sure to come.  Perhaps one will be climbing downwards against an up wind current?

Bennett Foddy is a creative, mad genius who was able to unlock a sweet secret spot in the human psyche.  Dare you play the game?  You will have to 'get over it' if you fail and if you succeed, you will 'get over it.'  This game can be therapy for the mind or lead to madness.  All in all, everyone one way or another will get over it.

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