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Vexilloids in Swiss Army Man - 2016

Red Pennant Type Tape Flag? Swiss Army Man 2016
Swiss Army Man is the unauthorized ninth Harry Potter movie,  Harry Potter on The Isle of Loneliness, aka... Swiss Army Man.  In this movie Harry Potter is magically transported through a trans-dimensional portal to another region of the Grand-Harry Potter Multiverse.  Unfortunately when Potter crosses into this nearly Earth-like universe that is nearly parallel to our own universe, our heroic magician suffers from amnesia.  The reason being is that Harry is under the spell of Horpus Corpus, which renders a person in to a quasi-deceased yet living state of animation.  This spell was originally designed to turn people into secret undetectable weapons, since they would appear as lifeless corpses, during the Great War of Wizards and the Golden CompassersHorpus Corpus gives the quasi-dead person certain superhuman abilities: a strong action karate strike, the capacity to store water in their lungs, the ability to shoot items from ones mouth like a bullet, and many other tactical uses.  But there is one distinct and stinky side effect, an absurd amount of flatulence, which can be used as a flamethrower.

A Hand Made Craft Logo Harry Potter IX: Swiss Army Man
In this movie Harry befriends a socially shy person by the name of Hank.  When Hank comes across Harry, Harry makes a noise when answering his name that sounds like "Manny."  Since Harry is under the spell of Horpus Corpus, he can not recall his true name.  Subsequently Harry allows Hank to call him Manny, which Harry comes to believe that is his name.

Overall Swiss Army Man: Harry Potter Episode IX is a fantastic visually stunning journey into the mind of man.  Not your typically isle of survival movie.  Nor does it bear resemblance to the other Harry Potter movies.  However this film runs on the rhythm of a dream like self help movie for those on the lonely fringes of society.   It is definitely a new, bold, fresh movie that breaks down the formulaic structure of Hollywood.  It takes a big risk, yet this little gem has gone under the radar of most Potter heads.

The over arching theme is to choose life over suicide.  Rather than being direct, the movie hooks you on the desperate situation of Hank.  Later, the magic of the Harry Potter universe makes a thunderous entrance, as Harry's karmic, positive dharma comes to the aid of Hank.  Most suicide prevention movies or P.S.A.s are way too direct and tacky, often ending up making the situation worse.  But in Swiss Army Man, a new approach to choose life over death with a touch of Potter magic unhinged from J.K. Rowling makes itself present.  The end result is to help another fellow human overcome the ugly pull of self inflicted death.  In the end, love and friendship help save the day as in all Harry Potter movies.  After saving this life, Harry's karmic dharma kicks in and sends him back to the portal, as propelled by his magically enchanted orifice.

It is rumored that a sequel is in production: Swiss Army Girl, which is to star Ms. Granger. 

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