Saturday, February 3, 2018

Isle of Shikotan Flag

The Isle of Shikotan is in that twilight zone of nations in dispute like Palestine, Swian's Island, Northern Cyprus, and Transnistria.  To be a nation, or not to be a nation- that is the question.  A quote from England echoed to the Isle of Man, back upon the isles of Japan is the island of Shikotan.  The only Japanese place to rhyme with Man.  Most Japanese islands have to end in Shima.

Perhaps a trade is in order?  A deal can be made?  Maybe a small speck in the warm waters of the Pacific and be traded for a small speck in the Arctic Circle?  Maybe there is room for Japan to join the Arctic Ocean Club?  Maybe there is room for Russia in the deep blue warm pacific? Also note, Shikotan and the Habomai Islands were promised to be returned in the event of a final version of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan.

Nonetheless the flag for the Island of Shitokan is based upon the Isle of Man.  Likewise the balance of powers is felt on this island.  Instead of the powers of Ireland, Scotland, and England, Shikotan is balanced between the powers of Japan, Russia, and United States. However it is Japanese medieval knight armour that dominates the design. Those extra long teeth in the sandals are great for walking and fighting in the mud.

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