Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Flags in Bridge to Terabithia - Movie 2007

The Bridge to Terabithia movie is based upon the book originally written in 1977 by Katherine Paterson.  It was a cutting edge book for its time, and most importantly, it sewed a golden thread of hope in the wake of life lost for grieving children.  The book touches upon the deepest and heartfelt themes of life, and provides a certain kind of refuge for the soul.  The golden ember that shines brightest in this book is the imagination of childhood, underscored with friendship, set against the backdrop of bullying at school.

Paterson created a bridge of compassion for all and any to enter.  Terabithia is a unique kingdom unbounded with love, creativity, and grace.   

As with all 5th grades across the United States, the study of the 50 states and the 50 state flags are a focal point in all social studies classes.  In the movie Bridge to Terabithia 2007 a few of the state flags can bee seen hanging on the wall.
The kids' drawing for the state flags of Hawaii, Washington State, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Delaware, California can be easily discerned.  Also included is the flag of Guam, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.   Just behind the teachers' head is the state flag of Maryland.

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