Thursday, January 4, 2018

US Flag in Professional Wrestling, G.L.O.W. and Hulk Hogan

Professional Wrestling is a sport and entertainment evenly mixed into one art form.  When compared to football and comic books, pro-wrestling is the proverbial middle path that combines the best of both worlds.

Being successful in any of these worlds be it the Professional Athletics, Wrestling Mania, or Comics takes heart, dedication, luck, and talent.  Yet some people scorn each world for different reasons.  All kingdoms have there own level of competition, heartache, truth, and glory.  Evey once and a while a gem of memory is captured in film or paper, that is bigger than itself for all to awe and respect.  Nonetheless, each form generates tons of cash for different reasons and can inspire those who take joy from such pleasures, creating a community and sense of family.  But like all pleasures too much, can ruin ones life.  Likewise there are many snobs who pride themselves on such trivial knowledge, with haughty self-importance turning each form into a virtual fundamentalist religion.  Yet there are others who enjoy and know how to spread their joy evenly. 

 So is Wrestling Mania the middle path between the imaginary comic book world and real life professional world?  This diagram would indicate that this is true.

 You can see the US flag on the post next to 'READ GLOW MAGAZINE' which was on the air from 1986 until 1990.  G.L.O.W. represented Gorgeous, Ladies, Of, Wrestling.  It was an all female troop of talented and athletic muses who punched themselves into 1980s pop culture.

The professional wrestling mania of women took on themes of idealized female icons.  One wrestler was Lady Godiva, who is sitting on a UK flag.  No she is not nude, but did wear a nude coloured body outfit, that was decorated with flowers.

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