Saturday, January 27, 2018

Don't Tread on Me - Hindu-American Version with Shiva

As the United States is nearly in perfect balance with a population of India-Americans of the Old World and Indian-Americans of New World.  Indians were the chosen name, given to the native souls of North America, whose spirit was here long before the arrival of Africans or Europeans.  India-Americans are perfectly balanced as the last of the Old World peoples to come to America.  Yet are now confused perpetually with Native Americans.  I suppose there is some cosmic reason the first flag of the United States looked like the flag of the East India Company?

Unless You're Kali
Nonetheless this Don't Tread on Me flag honors India-Americans.  Singular use of India allows the mind to focus on India rather than Indian, which is ambiguous to mean New World or Old World Indian.  But India-America clarifies this issue.  The man with the snake is the Hindu God of Shiva who was first thrust in America's face with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984.

 It's only fair to have the words translated into Hindi.  The larger flag has Hindiglish, which is English written in a Hindi font. But this flag is taken in rough translation from English directly into Hindi.

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