Friday, December 29, 2017

An Amorial Banner for Less Britain - Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man

The United Kingdom is typically thought of a union of Scotland and England.   However there are other elements that often go overlooked to the outside world.  Geographically smaller ancient kingdoms also exist that have their own distinguished culture and language- that being of the Welsh, Manx, and Cornish.  Also, in away Northern Ireland is a unique part of the kingdom to itself.  Subsequently a Less Britain Armorial or UK Lite banner should be in good order.

The United Kingdom Lite flag is composed of four heraldic banners.  In the first quarter is the official arms for Northern Ireland, which is the red hand on the white six pointed star, with crown above.  In the second quarter is the arms, or rather legs, for the Isle of Man, with the three legged knight armour.  In the third quarter is the arms for Cornwall with fifteen discs arranged in bowling pin style on black.  Finally with arms of Wales is in the fourth quarter with the red dragon on green.

The nice thing about this flag is that geography is conserved to some extent, relative to each geographic entity: Cornwall is south of Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man is north of Wales, Isle of Man is north of Cornwall, and Wales is south and east of Northern Ireland.

Likewise the three points of Cornwall reflect the three legs of the Isle of Man.  Also the banners fit perfectly to conserve the white, to perfectly contrast the boarders of Wales and Northern Ireland.

So what to do with this flag?  Perhaps it could be put to good use as the consort flag of the reigning monarch, either male or female? 

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