Tuesday, November 7, 2017

African-American Mississippi Pride Flag

Like the African-American flag designed by David Hammons, the African-American Mississippi Pride flag takes the official flag and modifies it with Pan-African colours.  In this case, the intensity of the flag seems to invert and speaks of Black Pride. Yellow is added and gives the flag a Jamaican flavor.  Usually the colour red is conserved in Hammons-type flags, but only the bottom red band is maintained to remind us that blood is red in all peoples.  And note, the Jamaican flag has a yellow cross and no stars, also the left and right wings are black.  However the green and black wings are reversed, to distinguish this flag from Jamaica and Dominicana; yet it allows a connection to be noticed. 

Dominica is the little sister of Jamaica who everyone always overlooks and mistakes for the Dominican.  Like Jamaica they speak English in the Dominica, but in the Dominican they speak Spanish.

But remember, many African-Americans are double transplants.  Perhaps the most popular doubly seasoned transplant of America is the Scotch-Irish, who were originally from Scotland, then moved to Ireland, and then moved to the USA.  Likewise this flag pays homage to the double transplant of Afro-Caribbean Americans who were originally from Africa, then transplanted to the Caribbean and then to the USA.

Like the Scotch-Irish Americans, the Afro-Caribbish Americans are an essential and delicious element of American Pie.

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