Monday, September 18, 2017

Colorado-Kerguelen Antipode Flag

Antipodal areas are a rare thing in the USA.  Just a few states are a part of this club, which includes Colorado.  A small region of Colorado is antipodal to a remote region in France: Kerguelen.  But this not a normal part of France.  Kerguelen is off in the South India Ocean. 

But this flag is for that special slice of the of the Earth where one is standing on the opposite end of the world.  And go figure that Colorado would have such a space.  The flag combines the Big Dipper with the Southern Cross, since these star systems are easily visible from each respective area. 

The old idea that China is under America is dead wrong, rather it is true that if you dig straight down from certain parts in Colorado you'll end up in France.  Or rather there is part of France underneath the USA.  This flag commemorates this special geographic zone that connects Colorado to a few remote isles in the South India Ocean. 

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