Tuesday, August 8, 2017

IVC 27 - Speaker 11: Rachel Phelan

Phelan discussed in exquisite detail the preservation efforts of the Irish Republic Flag of the 1916 Easter Rising.  Her paper was entitled What's Up with the Big Green Flag?  The Conservation of the flag of the Irish Republic.   Phelan was charged with honoring and preserving the original Irish Republic flag which is now 101 years old. 

Phelan showed us that flag was captured by the British and treated as a hunting prize, hung upside down in imperial contempt.  However, as relations between the UK and Ireland eased she showed us a short clip of its honorable return to Ireland.

The paint on this historical flag was turning to dust and major distortions were noticeable, which required the use of expensive and impressive machine technologies, something of the gelatine solution was used to preserve the flag itself. 

Rachel also corrected the legendary tale of its creation.  Flag restoration is complicated process that involves many individuals and specific experts.  But Phelan was the lead coordinator to help preserve and establish one of Ireland's Original flags.  It is now under proper care and can be seen by the public at large in Ireland.

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