Monday, August 7, 2017

ICV 27 - Speaker 2: Tiago Jose Berg

Tiago Jose Berg spoke about Vexillology with High School Students.  Since Brazil was the recent host to the International Olympic games in 2016, much of the nation was swept by that magical wand of international connections.  Berg spoke about a flag making project amongst his student body.

The high school students in Brazil were charged with recreating by hand, with paints the flags of the world.  This project slowly took over the school and the completed flags were exhibited all across the school.  Due to the quality craftsmanship of the students, their flag art was exhibited further out at universities across Brazil.

Olympics or not is always a great way to teach history by having the students create well crafted flags; as students make the flags, they are often encouraged to understand why and how the colours are used.  

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