Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ICV 27 Speaker 12: Roberto Breschi

Breschi discussed how the local municipality flags from the 1860s were rediscovered. 

Breschi ran into an old index book of flags for Italian municipalities.  Although index publications are often less than friendly reading, they are trustworthy resources.  The index that Brechi discovered was dated to 1869.

Apparently several flags were created to celebrate Alighieri's 600th birthday, who was influential in establishing modern Italian; Dante Alighieri was born in 1265.  Alighieri is best known for his work the Divine Comedy 1320. 

Eventually Breschi was able to match up index numbers from a lost collection of flags were literally wafting away in a museum basement.    

Identifying lost flags is a cumbersome process, but Breschi was able to reconnect unidentifiable flags to their celebratory event in 1865, it was true tale of a successful vexillological archaeologist. 

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