Thursday, August 10, 2017

ICV 27 - Speaker 27: Avelino Couceiro Rodriguez

The flags were discussed about the origins of Puerto Rico and Cubs.  Although Rodriguez was not able to present his paper, in his steed the program coordinator Ian Sumner was able to give a fascinating summary of Avelino's work.

These flags have their origins in by dictation from a person who was Venezuelan. Since many Spanish Colonies were fighting against Spain there was a common sentiment of brotherhood.  However the Spanish Colonies never reached the maximums as they did in the United States or Canada.

Another interesting point was the effect of Fosfenia, in the creation of the these flags.  Fosfenia happens when the after image is retained after one closes ones eyes.  This is easily noticed when one still sees the flash from a camera or when one looks at a bright light.  

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