Monday, August 7, 2017

ICV 27 - Speaker 3: Ted Kaye

Ted Kaye gave an overview on the current state of flag redesign with bad flags across the nation in his paper American City Flag Redesign: a Welcome Change.  Ted discussed the current spur to get new flags based upon the recent Ted Talks program by popular Internet voice Roman Mars.

Kaye attributes much momentum to change 'Bad Flags' to one particular pod cast, which you can below on YouTube or visit the site directly with the link.   It was due to 'shaming' efforts of Roman Mars that Potacello, Idaho was able to get a flag redesign for a 'Good Flag.'

Ted Kaye also analyzed why flags get stalled in the flag changing process.   Many times flag changing event are stalled due to internal politics, resentment of current political situations, and the old attachment to the original flag.

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