Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ICV 27 - Speaker 14: Scot Guenter

 Guenter illustrated the various on goings within and the varied approaches to vexillology.  The traditional route according to Scot is the scholarly approach that requires lots of reading and sifting through books.  A second avenue is the active vexillologist who promotes certain ideas, mostly centered on reforming bad flag design. 

Guenter cited Roman Mars as connected to Vexillology in action and discussed the effect of such promotions in the media to cause of vexillology. 

Always giving a delightful and well presented paper, Scot Guenter is a corner stone in modern day post-Whitney Smith vexillology.   Guenter adheres to the original academic aspect of Whiteney's work. 

He also ended his presentation with a homework assignment, that everyone in vexillology should read the thesis of William Crampton, the UK's version of Whitney Smith.   

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