Thursday, July 20, 2017

Masonic Astrology Alignment Board

The Masonic Drawing Board is an ancient diagram.  It shows that there is a certain kind of divine architecture that fills the reality of the waking world.

Here the pillars are balanced with the standard letter J and letter B with astrological totems that support the Earthly Sphere and Celestial Sphere.

Likewise as we are born in the communities that are assigned and attached to certain sports and teams beyond our will, we are also assigned to certain totems of the Zodiac, based upon celestial geography.  But note sports and religious associations are based upon Earthly geographic positions.

The lowest and highest points of Earth are set like Yin and Yang.  It was in the Valley of Dead Sea that Judaism arose, likewise it was in the Shadow of Mt. Everest that Hinduism arose.  

Two sources of inspiration were born of these two ancient paths, that opened that birthright cycle of divine guidance to humanity, since Jesus was Jewish and Buddha was Hindu.   The echo of these soulful teachers enabled countless other races of different teams, access to divine sorcery and would further create several thousand more paths.

The baseball and cricket bat and balls remind us that sports like astrology are usually a birthright phenomena, determined by Earthly Geography for sports and Celestial Geography for astrology.   Whether a man likes gird-iron football or rugby depends on where he was born.  If a certain Scots-Irish man was born in Australia or South Africa, then he would love rugby to the core of his soul.  But if that same Scots-Irish man were born in Texas, then grid-iron football is likely to enrapture his heart. 

Likewise if that man was born in Philadelphia as a child, and were to move to Dallas or New England, then that man will always be welcomed back as a Eagles fan, no matter what. Coincidentally the official baseball is usually white with red stitches, while the cricket ball is red with white stitches.  This is near perfect juxtaposition of colours on a ball.

We are assigned a faith, a zodiac, and sports family based upon a birthright of Earthly geography, likewise as we are assigned a zodiac totem based upon celestial geography.  People have fun with sports and astrology, as it can warm the heart and bring a sense of community and purpose.  But certainly there are some who take it too seriously, as is the case with faith or any other meaning of life organization, by harshly judging outsiders with condemnation and others who see it differently.    


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