Sunday, July 16, 2017

Capricorn & Leo: Symbol Symmetry of the Beasts

The symbols of Leo and Capricorn are similar due to their unique squiggles.  Both have a circle of sorts.  Additionally Capricorn is an odd sign whose symbol is variable to some degree. There is the 76 version, the cursive N with a loop and then this version with the hooked V, circle and tail.  Which is correct?  Why does the Capricorn get so many variations.  Perhaps there is need to capture the chaos of things?  Capricorn even have several forms from just a plain goat to a sea-goat?

It's the inherent duality of this mysterious mermaid-goat sign.  Also note that the goat is often associated with the dark arts.  But the lion is associated with the Biblical arts.  Even in Narnia the lion is a chosen symbol of God, as well as it is for other nations like the UK, Denmark, Ethiopia and many others.  But the goat is often associated with an anti-Christ. But a goat is still a goat, and goats are more friendly than lions, and give more to society than do lions.  Nonetheless the lion is associated with power and prestige, but most lions see humans as bothersome or lunch.

Union of the squiggly signs with a circle, Caprileo or Leoapricorn.  One is king of the beasts while the other is the beast of the kings.

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