Friday, July 14, 2017

Bikini Atoll and Swains Island

It has been a long while since this blog has posted on its creative namesake endeavor, that of Flag Symmetry.  Flag Symmetry is a groovy concept that is reflective of the Eastern notion of the Tao, sometimes called Dao.  But in the West this twinning of flags is reflective of the Western notion of Divine Balance/Architecture as expounded within Freemasonry. 

With the example here, we have the flags of Swains Island and Bikini Atoll as Fraternal Flag Twins or in a rough Latin translation as VEXILLUM FRATERNA GEMINI.

Both places are in the South Pacific and touched by the hands of the United States.  Bikini Atoll is a part of the Marshall Islands.  But the Marshall Islands are in a Compact Free Association with the United States, making it directly tied the Congress of the United States.  Likewise Swains Island is another part another Outer Rim of Territories of the United States which is tied to American Samoa. 

Thus this pairing bonds two nations on the Outer Rim of the USA on two ends: via the Compact Free Association and Outer National Territory of American Samoa.  Coincidentally both have banners that are highly reflective of the US federal flag with 13 stripes of red and white, but differing by canton design.  Swains has a bird in the canton while Bikini has unique star pattern and words written upon some of the white stripes.

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