Sunday, June 18, 2017

World of Warcraft BUR - LOL Flag transmuted from KEK Flag


LOL is oddly one of the origin points for the Internet KEK Flag.  When players in the game of World of Warcraft on the Horde side type LOL, the members on the Alliance side only see KEK.  From the other point of view from the Horde side as when Alliance members type LOL, the Horde side sees BUR.

Thus LOL as spoken in other videogame languages translates to KEK or BUR.  But due to a peculiar coincidence with an ancient Egyptian God-Goddess of Kek, who had one avatar as a frog head on a human body, it fused to the Internet meme of Pepe the Frog.

All said and done, this is just silly coincidence.    If it were not for synchronicity on a scale never seen before with the song Shadilay that was made by the musical group P.E.P.E, Pepe the Frog would have most likely ended up as an obscure Internet Meme.   Shadilay was released in 1986 by an Italian band and features a frog holding a magic wand.  The synchronicity is a like a perfect 4x4 Tetris of probability.

1. Name of Pepe the Frog = = Name of P.E.P.E. the band that created Shadilay song
2. Smug Meme of Pepe the Frog = = Smug art work on Shadilay of a Frog
3. Meme Magic Theory Matched = = Shadilay Frog is holding Wand and Magic is written on it
4. Probability games of 4Chan with Pepe 77777777 post  that predicted Trump will win, long before election day = = Probability is the second word within the acronym of P.E.P.E. band (Point Emerging Probably Entering)

An Artifact of Synchronicity or Providence?
This Internet Meme crossed into mainstream consciousness when both presidential candidates of the 2016 American election took notice of Pepe the Frog.  As a consequence, its power was further reinforced and affirmed.  As a consequence the Kek name was put front and center upon the attention of the public and world.

Usually silly and seemingly stupid Internet memes burn out quickly and are usually ignored.  But when the leaders of America and mainstream press became enchanted by Pepe the Frog, its role in history was solidified as real factor influencing the election.  Underpinning this enchantment is an organic gravity of synchronicity or providence with the song Shadilay by Pepe the band. 

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