Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Gay Pride Flag Starting to Mirror Electrical Engineering Colour Code

A flag that used to represent a state of the soul, totally independent of race, heritage or bloodline.  But now the new Gay Pride flag stops to embraces people who identify as black or brown.  In a weird way it has become a racial or racist flag.

By cosmic coincidence, it looks like they took a clue from the electrical engineering industry, who currently use the same pattern to code for resistors for digit values 0 to 7. 

Long before the addition of brown and black and the creation of the Gay Pride Flag resistors were colour coded.  So it looks like the Gay Pride Flag may get a gray stripe before the white stripe?  What will colour gray identify for?  People who identify as unsure or curious? Or maybe for people who identify as elderly, over 70?  The door is open!

The next logical step would be for persons who identify as white to finally get flag recognition, with the white stripe, with a digit value of 9.

What about gold and silver then?  I'll let yous fill in the blank, but please be nice.

Maybe its all a plan to prepare us for the microchip implant into our heads?  As the Borg said, "Resistance is Futile".

Source of New Gay Flag

Source of EE Colour Code


  1. Gray for asexuals.

  2. Hay name is jason duncan from brooklyn ny and i really think we should go for silver and gald