Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flag for Ambidextrous Persons: both Left and Right Handed

The colours of the ambidexterity uses the colours red, green, navy blue, and yellow.  Red represents the left as in the left-port side of planes and ships, while green represents the right-starboard side of ships.  But since persons of this nature can use both hands their is converse stripes to show their dexterity.  In the center the upward and downward five pointed yellow stars merge into one ten pointed star.

Red Left-Port Side & Green Right-Starboard Side

Since people have left side and right side, that matches to port and starboard.  We have an example of Nintendo's Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch Out!  Mac's right glove is green for the right-starboard side while his left hand is red for the left-port side of his body.

But in the game, both his gloves are green, so we can suppose that Little Mac is right handed? 

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