Sunday, April 9, 2017

Maritime Flags for the 1% and the 99%

  The Fun Maritime Flag for the 1% just happens to look like a Roman numeral I.  But it is a combination of two Maritime Zero flags and a one flag.  Since these flags are fractions, the next number down must be within a flag.  In this case we start with a zero, then another zero then a one; which gives us 0.01 which is the one hundredths or 1%.   See below 1% Maritime Flag explained and the 99% Maritime Flag.

The 99% flag must also start with a Maritime Zero flag which is a tri-bar of yellow, red, yellow.  Within this flag is a Maritime Nine flag and within that flag is another Maritime Flag, but it is reversed since you can not see a nine on a nine, when it is centered.  Once again synchronicity produced the faint outline of the the number nine in red, sort of when you look at if from the back-obverse side.

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