Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Flags in Rusted Root's - Send Me On My Away Video

Rusted Root released a single, Send Me On My Way, in 1995 that captured many of the Earth vibe feels of the mid-90s Clinton Era.  Here a Native American prepares a young boy on his way.  He is standing in a circle of coloured flags: yellow, black, white and red.

As soon as the boy walks through the figurative door, we see a flash of the popular triangle that is associated in mystical realms. 

The late 1960s had a strong revival in the mid-late 1990s. At this rate it seems that the door to hippy-hood will reopen again in late 2020s, maybe by 2028, as cultural movements forget and the next generation will need to walk that door, and experience the spirit of 69' for themselves,  since words fail on these vision quests.  Older generations always overlook the generational rift in knowledge and need of experience: because older generations supposedly "know better" as these oldheads overlook that this "knowing" cannot be transmitted verbally.

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