Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mac Tonight 1990 Party Celebration Flag - Old Fashioned Value!

A unique flag appears during a McCommercial that is pink.  It jumps out of a New Year's Day party kazoo. 

Also a flag banner is raised by balloons that advertises 2 for the price of 1.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Squirrel Fort Flag from Aqua Teen Hungerforce

In an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode, Meatwad and Shake are evicted from the sleeping quarters to the living room.  A makeshift fort with grey electrical tape marks the border of their new space within the house.  Of vexillological importance is the red Squirrel Flag, that hangs near the top.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Vexilloids In Jesus Christ Super Star 1973

Vexilloids appear in Jesus Christ Super Star 1973, a musical that mingled Hippies and faith, with sing and dance.  The golden finials of the circle, crossbar, and eagle can be seen.  Remember, the polar opposite of fear is faith.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vexilloids in Bonnie Tyler's Video for Total Eclipse of the Heart - 1983

A silver-blue vexilloid like veil appears in the opening sequence.  Also as Tyler walks though the empty corridor of the soul, red vexilloids can be seen flowing in the doorways.  The video can be variously interpreted, but the core theme of sadness bound to love, becomes apparent at love's temporal loss.  But love's loss, can open the door to a higher calling.

The loss of love on the deepest levels will cause the soul to stop, ponder, and search the abyss.  It is a sober moment of reflection that transforms lives.  When love's loss hits a large group, a candle light vigil is the natural echo of its wake.  

The creators of the video effectively demonstrate the empty corridors of the heart upon love's transmutation to spirit.   

The livery of the school in the video can be seen on the facings of the boys at attention.  Mostly pink and grey, but one boy has blue facings who triggers a fractured valley in Tyler's heart.

A heart wrenching song that has a heart wrenching, mysterious video - that is part movie, part fantasy, part parable.  It effectively captures the shattered mind and heart, that lay upon the path of the eclipsed heart.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Red Socialist Flag in Losing My Religion by R.E.M. 1991

A red flag is lifted in video for R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion - 1991.   R.E.M. addresses the hard issues of faith with the video Losing My Religion.   Released in 1991, it was created as the Soviet Union and International Communism faded into the history books. 

Nonetheless this song honors the siege of the spirit by the world, circumstance, and pain.  As the modern mind continues to struggle with matters of spirit and the many judgmental self-righteous voices, many souls can have their faith falter or seemingly lose it all together. 

In many cases those who have lost their wings or path, often take comfort in the partially rational rivers of socialism and the great ocean of atheism, which like all ocean's of faith is subject to the storms of the self-righteous who bask in its friendly currents. 

Have a blessed Somber Friday... to Nature can the soul retreat.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Flags in If God Were One of Us - 1995 Video by Joan Osborne

The US flag appears in the video for the song If God Were One of US- 1995 by Joan Osborne.  The flag appears only momentarily in a montage.  The video takes on the lyrics literally.  Joan sings a edgy yet soulful song in a simple open heart 1990s grunge beat, a song that asks a thought provoking question that penetrates to soul of the public.  In the video, all kinds of people are put in a head cut out of the famous painting of God by Leonardo da Vinci from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, Rome, as if to be God, bringing literal light to the intangible God-Head imparted on the human soul, as spoken about in many religions new and ancient. 

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The flag of Puerto Rico also appears in the song.  A man on an odd cycle has flags of Puerto Rico under the US flag. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Flags in Rusted Root's - Send Me On My Away Video

Rusted Root released a single, Send Me On My Way, in 1995 that captured many of the Earth vibe feels of the mid-90s Clinton Era.  Here a Native American prepares a young boy on his way.  He is standing in a circle of coloured flags: yellow, black, white and red.

As soon as the boy walks through the figurative door, we see a flash of the popular triangle that is associated in mystical realms. 

The late 1960s had a strong revival in the mid-late 1990s. At this rate it seems that the door to hippy-hood will reopen again in late 2020s, maybe by 2028, as cultural movements forget and the next generation will need to walk that door, and experience the spirit of 69' for themselves,  since words fail on these vision quests.  Older generations always overlook the generational rift in knowledge and need of experience: because older generations supposedly "know better" as these oldheads overlook that this "knowing" cannot be transmitted verbally.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fun Zero Percent Maritime Flag: 0% Flag

The Fun Maritime Flag of Zero Percent is yellow and red.  It is based upon the flag for Zero.

Fun International Maritime Flag for 25% or 1/4th, 0.25

The Fun Maritime Flag for 25% is yellow, red, blue, and white.  It takes flag elements from the number 2, number 0 and number 5.

Fun Maritime Flag for 50 percent or 1/2

The flag for 0.50 uses the colours yellow, red, and blue.  The whole number zero flag is conserved as a vertical tri-bar of yellow, red, yellow.  In the center is the pattern flag for the number 5, which is yellow and blue.  There is no additional zero flag since it is not needed.  

Fun Maritime Flags for 0.75 or 3/4ths


The Fun Maritime Flag for 0.75 uses the colours yellow, red, and blue.  The whole number flag for zero is conserved, while the number seven flag is the next point down, and finally in the center is the pattern for the number five, which is yellow and blue.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fun Maritime 100% Flag

The 100% Maritime Flag is composed of the colours white, yellow, and red.  The dominant maritime flag is the number one, which is the white field with a red disc.  Within the red disc are two number zeros, one within the other.  By cosmic coincidence this flag makes out a Roman numeral "I".  Remember when dealing with flags of percentage/decimals, the next number down a decimal place is always within the higher ordered flag.

Kinda' also looks like a Batman Logo?

Maritime Flags for the 1% and the 99%

  The Fun Maritime Flag for the 1% just happens to look like a Roman numeral I.  But it is a combination of two Maritime Zero flags and a one flag.  Since these flags are fractions, the next number down must be within a flag.  In this case we start with a zero, then another zero then a one; which gives us 0.01 which is the one hundredths or 1%.   See below 1% Maritime Flag explained and the 99% Maritime Flag.

The 99% flag must also start with a Maritime Zero flag which is a tri-bar of yellow, red, yellow.  Within this flag is a Maritime Nine flag and within that flag is another Maritime Flag, but it is reversed since you can not see a nine on a nine, when it is centered.  Once again synchronicity produced the faint outline of the the number nine in red, sort of when you look at if from the back-obverse side.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Maritime Flag for the Square Root of 2 = 1.41421 Flag

Square Root of 2 Maritime Flag: 1.41421

One point, four, one, four, two, one is the square root of two.  By the good fates, it neatly packs itself into a Maritime Flag.  Since the number one is coded to a red disc and four is a white cross on a red field, it smoothly makes a good flag up to the 100,000th thousands place which is also a one, which is why there is a red dot in the center.  Just see the pic below to understand how the Maritime Square Root of 2 flag works.

Basically each number down a decimal place must fit within the upper number, so as to make this pattern.