Thursday, February 9, 2017

Southern Britain and Northern Ireland UK Flag, Upon the Scottish Exit

Fade to Welsh/Cornish Black Conservative Switch

 Southern Britain and the Republic of Northern Ireland may become a reality in the near future if Scotland ever leaves the United Kingdom.  Thus UK has several flag options to choose from in the event of a Scotexit.  Additionally with the coat of arms, the Welsh Dragon will certainly replace the Unicorn.

UK Flag, English Expression
If Scotland should every leave the United Kingdom here are two flags which could replace the current design of the United Kingdom.  The Upper flag expresses the English white and Northern Irish flags clearly. 
UK Flag, Wales Expression

The more black flag which expresses Welsh and Cornish colours and is a more conservative change, that retains the original UK flavor.

UK flag, Wales Major Expression
In this version the Welsh yellow cross of St. David is more strongly expressed.

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