Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fun Flag for Plutonium: Element 94

The Fun Flag for Element 94, Plutonium is based upon flag state flag for California but with several modifications.  Since this element was first created in California, the California state flag dominates.  But a leading quartet of four men were responsible for the genesis of Plutonium.  The primary fathers of Plutonium were from Michigan, Iowa, Texas, and fatefully California.  Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Michigan; Arthur Wahl was born in Des Moines, Iowa; Joseph W. Kennedy was born in Nacogdoches, Texas, and by providence from Redondo Beach, California we have Edwin McMillan.

Consequently elements from their respective state flags are a part of the Fun Plutoniun Flag.  Instead of telling what they are, I'll just let yous figure it out for yourselves.  If you do, please feel free to comment on the post!

Pluto the planet was discovered February 18, 1930.  Plutonium was identified on February 23, 1941, but later was given a birth date to December 14, 1940- after chemical analysis.  Likewise Pluto the Dog was created and later named after his creation.  Pluto the Dog appeared in The Chain Gang 1930.  

After Pluto the Planet was named, the unnamed dog from The Chain Gang received his name - Pluto.  Neat thing is that Pluto the Plant, Pluto the Element, and Pluto the Dog were all named a while after their first appearance, and all three were discovered by and in the USA, making this a Plutonian Hat-Trick.

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