Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fun Flag for Element 52, Tellurium

The Fun Flag for Tellurium is based upon the flag of Romania, since this element was discovered there, during its Austrian Hapsburg phase.  Likewise the central coat of arms are black and yellow which are related to the Austrian Hapsburg Era colours.

Also note since Tellurium is named after the planet Earth, we have the symbol of Earth in the center with two atoms up top and its atomic Z number on the lower portion.  Like a proper set deck of cards, Tellurium is Oxygen's second cousin, leaning towards the transgendered element, being both masculine metal and feminine organic-wood.

Coincidentally the pattern of Romania is repeated in Africa with the nation of Chad and two more times in Europe with Andorra and Moldova. The Earth symbol by synchronicity reflects four different corners of the Earth that carry the "Romanian-Earth" colours: Romania, Chad, Moldova, and Andorra. They are so many unused national flag patterns, like they could have modified the order or use a different pattern?  Nope, it was by fate that these four nations would use the blue, yellow, red vertical tribar, how graceful now, considering the genesis of the Fun Tellurium Flag.

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