Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Composite Semaphore Flag for the Letter A - Alpha

Composite Semaphore Flag for the Letter A - Alpha

The Composite Semapahore Flag for the Letter A is red, since A is the first letter of the alphabet and red is the first colour of the rainbow.  With Composite Semaphore Flags the starred arm represents the right arm, as a consequence of the right arm being the starboard side of a person, but this is usually in reference to a ship.

The #1 Composite Semaphore Flag has the same pattern but reversed colours. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Semaphore Composite Flags: A to Z and 0-9

Composite Semaphore Flags are based upon the two hand signal semaphore flag positions that convey alphabetical information.  Like Maritime Flags, each flag symbolizes a letter.  The central dots represent the human head of the person who would normally be holding two flags, usually the Oscar Flag. 

The background colours of the letters are based upon the ones digit value as coded to the visible spectrum: with red being 1, orange being 2, yellow being 3, green being 4, blue being 5, indigo being 6, and violet being 7; and the colour black is coded to eight, pink is coded to nine, and white is coded to zero.

But note, the background colours for Composite Semaphore Number Flags are reversed with the associated contrast indicator, such that the central human figure retains the ones digit value colour.

Additional Composite Semaphore Flags also code for attention, negation, numbers, and space; but these flags do not follow the colour coded to ones digit value.

Also note that the stars indicate the right arm, which reflects the starboard-right side of the communicator.  The port side, left arm, is blank.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Monsterpiece Theater - Original UK Title Card

Monsterpiece Theater combined artful adult stories charmed to the simple tellings of thy Sesame Street.  Usually starring the blue fuzzy beings, lessons of numbers and words were its purpose.

The original title card featured a letter P with a UK flag.     Thy show was hosted by Sir Alistiar Cookie.  Mr. Cookie gives a simple introduction.  He also stars unwittingly in the poem-visual-movie based upon the poem The Cookie Thief by Valarie Cox.

Vexilloids in Tracey Ullman's - They Don't Know 1983

A song sung by Tracy Ullman by Kirsty MacColl made it the top charts in 1983 They Don't Know.  Tracy Ullman was one of those stars that burned bright in the 1980s.  Stars come and go, but every once and a while a unique flame can catch the attention of the world, as did Tracy in the 1980s.

Of vexillological note, there are UK flag socks and several red supermarket banner in the background.

First Flag in the Game of Thrones - The House of Stark: The Direwolf

Game of Thrones is modern day retelling of the collective past, mixed somewhere between reality and fantasy.  The story takes elements of the middle ages and creates something completely new.  Zombies, witches, knights, kings, and queens.  It is truly deserves the word EPIC as it tells the story of life in the supposed middle ages.

Banners and flags make many appearances in this series, the first is belongs to the House of Stark, whose emblem is the white Direwolf.  These quasi magical animals are larger than life wolves that can be tamed.

The banner of House Stark can be seen in this Highlander like atmosphere.  It is swallow tailed and the Dire Wolves head can be seen with an open gait in the mouth. 

Fun Flag for Element 69 - The Thulium Flag

Thule is a place somewhere in Scandinavia.  Its exact location is a mystery, but many places assign Thule to Norway, Iceland, and even Greenland.  Consequently a mixed up Scandinavian flag symbolizes this element.  Thulium was discovered by a Swedish scientist, consequently its easy to see elements of the Swedish flag in the fun Thulium flag.

Since the atomic Z number is 69 the Yin and Yang atomic symbol is appropriate, it uses the colours of Greenland, which are white and red. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

English-Albania Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Albania Heritage Flag combines the flags of Albania with England.

English-Montenegro Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Montenegro Heritage Flag combines the flags of England with Montenegro.

English-Serbian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Serbian Heritage Flag combines elements of the English flag and the Serbian flag.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The English-Belarus Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Belarus Heritage Flag combines the English Flag with the Belarusian Flag.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Morse Code Error Flag . . . . . . . .

Eight dits in Morse Code represent an error message.  Coincidentally the eight dits match up with the song that stars with, "Dip, dip, dip, dip, dip, dip, dip, dip..." song by the Silhouettes Get a Job - 1957.

English-Native North American Heritage Flag

Nominally a Mexican person, but when the English combined with the North American aboriginals, they took on the French word for "Mexican" , Metis instead of the English Mixed.

English-India Heritage Flag

The Anglo-India Heritage flag is for several million persons mixed blood of England and India.

English-Estonian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Estonian Flag combines the colours of Estonian with England.

English-Latvian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Latvian Heritage Flag combines the English and Latvian colours.  Although a rare breed, there are persons who are mixed English and Latvian.

English-Lithuanian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Lithuania Heritage Flag combines the English Flag with the Lithuanian Flag.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The English-Israel Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Israeli Heritage Flag combines elements of the flag of England and the Flag of Israel.

It would make Mr. Disraeli, Benny Proud.

The English-Arab Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Arab Flag combines elements of the English Cross with the colours of Arab Liberation.

The English-African Heritage Flag

The Anglo-African Heritage flag combines elements of the English Flag with the Pan-African Heritage Flag.

English-Chinese and English-Taiwanese Heritage Flags

 The Anglo-Taiwanese Heritage Flag combines elements of Taiwan's flag and the English Flag.
The Anglo-Chinese Heritage flag also combines the design of Mainland China with the flag of England. Thanks to Hong Kong, there are several million Anglo-Chinese persons on planet Earth. 

English-Turkey Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Turkish heritage flag is for events, persons, and businesses of mixed English and Turkish degrees.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flag for the English-Greek Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Greek Flag is for mixed heritage of English and Greece.

English-Czech Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Czech Heritage Flag combines elements of the English and Czech Flags.

English-Romanian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Romanian Heritage Flag combines the flags of England and Romania.

The English-Finland Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Finnish Heritage flag is for mixed heritage between England and Finland.

The English-Iceland Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Icelandic Heritage flag has elements of the English Cross and Iceland flag.

The English-Norwegian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Norwegian Heritage Flag is half English and half Norwegian.

English-Swedish Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Swedish Flag is for persons who identify as both English and Swedish.

English-Swiss Heritage Flag

A flag for Anglo-Swiss Heritage has elements from the flag of England and the flag of Switzerland.

English-Portugal Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Portuguese Heritage Flag has components from the flag of England the Portugal.

English-Ukranian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Ukrainian Flag combines elements of the English Flag with the Ukrainian Flag.

English-Russian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Russian Heritage Flag combines element of Russian and English Flags.

English-Hungarian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Hungarian Heritage Flag combines elements of the English and Hungarian Flag.

English Danish Flag

The Anglo-Danish Flag combines elements of the English Flag and Danish Flag.

English-Bulgarian Heritage Flag

The Anglo-Bulgarian Heritage Flag combines the flag of England with the flag of Bulgaria.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Substitute to Morse Code Flag Correspondence

If you look at your average International Maritime Code Flag chart they will often have substitute/repeater flags listed.  Since it would be cumbersome to have multiple flags, substitute flags were created that repeat certain positions.

Morse Code is often put next to the flags, but there is little relationship between Maritime Signal flags and Morse Code.  Nor is Morse Code listed for any of the signal to the substitute flags.  Likewise many websites often forget to list the 4th position substitute.

But finally today, we have Morse Code Substiute Flags and Morse Code prosigns to go along.  These flags are based upon three letters, always starting with S for Substitute which has three stars.  Consequently the Morse Code flag for 1st Substitute is SST; the first S comes from Substitute and the ST comes from st in 1st.

Unlike the other Morse Code flags that have their colour code based upon the order of the spectrum, the colours of Morse Code Substitute flags follow the colour pattern already established by International Maritime Flags.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Morse Code Flag Chart A to Z and the Numbers 0 to 9

Morse Code Flags are reflective of Morse Code.  In this case, stars represent dots while stripes represent dashes.  In Morse Code lingo stars represent the dits while stripes represent dahs.

Note that International Maritime flags are usually written with Morse Code.  But those maritime flags are not really Morse Code, and have no bearing to the dashes and dots of Morse Code.

In essence these flags are reflective of the Morse Code signal.  Likewise the added colour reveals the ones digit position of each letter.  Since the Morse Code flag for the letter A, K, and U all have a number 1 in the ones position via 01, 11, and 21, they are all red flags.  Consequently the flag for number 1 is red too.

The order of colours to number is based upon the progression of the visible spectrum.  Since yellow is the 3rd colour, we get a yellow coloured flag for flags in position 03, 13, and 23, which represent C, M, and W.

Also each colour has set contrast indicator to reduce confusion.  See the image below to see which contrast indicator belongs to each specific background colour.

Also note Morse Code flags are always read downwards.  Although some cultures read from the left and others from the right, every culture reads downwards.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fun Flag for Plutonium: Element 94

The Fun Flag for Element 94, Plutonium is based upon flag state flag for California but with several modifications.  Since this element was first created in California, the California state flag dominates.  But a leading quartet of four men were responsible for the genesis of Plutonium.  The primary fathers of Plutonium were from Michigan, Iowa, Texas, and fatefully California.  Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Michigan; Arthur Wahl was born in Des Moines, Iowa; Joseph W. Kennedy was born in Nacogdoches, Texas, and by providence from Redondo Beach, California we have Edwin McMillan.

Consequently elements from their respective state flags are a part of the Fun Plutoniun Flag.  Instead of telling what they are, I'll just let yous figure it out for yourselves.  If you do, please feel free to comment on the post!

Pluto the planet was discovered February 18, 1930.  Plutonium was identified on February 23, 1941, but later was given a birth date to December 14, 1940- after chemical analysis.  Likewise Pluto the Dog was created and later named after his creation.  Pluto the Dog appeared in The Chain Gang 1930.  

After Pluto the Planet was named, the unnamed dog from The Chain Gang received his name - Pluto.  Neat thing is that Pluto the Plant, Pluto the Element, and Pluto the Dog were all named a while after their first appearance, and all three were discovered by and in the USA, making this a Plutonian Hat-Trick.

Fun Flag for Uranium, Element 92

The Fun Flag for Uranium is based upon the flag of Germany.  It is due to the scientific pursuits of Martin Heinrich Klaproth while in Berlin that this material was recognized as an atomic elemental.  This atomic element was named after the recently discovered planet of Uranus. 

There is an intense JFK-Lincoln like synchronicity about this deadly and beautiful atom.  Both Uranus and Uranium were discovered by German born scientists.  Heinrich Klaproth was born in Wernigerode which is now Saxony-Anhalt, while the discoverer of Uranus, Friedrich Wilhelm Hersechel was born in Hanover which is now Lower Saxony.

Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781 during the same year the first government of the United States was legalized on March 1, 1781 via the Articles of Confederation.

Uranium was discovered in 1789 the same year the second government of the United States was legalized on March 4, 1789 with the US Constitution. 

The first nuclear weapon that utilized Uranium was used by the United States, as its government was synchronized to the discoveries of the atom and planet.  And finally, nuclear fission was discovered by German born scientists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, and its theoretical explanation by Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fun Flag for Element 58- Cerium

The Fun Flag for Cerium, Element 58, combines the flags of Sweden and Germany.  Reason being, this matter was independently and coincidentally recognized in the same year, 1803, by Sweden and Germany.   Jöns Jakob Berzelius and Wilhelm Hisinger of Sweden, and Martin Heinrich Klaproth of Germany were the first three humans to sense and describe the scientific element of 58 protons, but it was the Sweden's Berzelius who named this atom Cerium. Berzelius named it after the recently discovered planet of Ceres, which was recently visited by the NASA's Dawn probe in 2015.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Fun Flag for Palladium, Element 46

The Fun Flag for Palladium is based upon the English Flag.  Reason being, an English Scientist, William Hyde Wollaston, discovered this element in 1802.  He named it after the newly discovered planet Pallas.  Consequently the planetary symbol for Pallas makes up the central portion which looks like a female symbol but with a central square instead of a circle.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Southern Britain and Northern Ireland UK Flag, Upon the Scottish Exit

Fade to Welsh/Cornish Black Conservative Switch

 Southern Britain and the Republic of Northern Ireland may become a reality in the near future if Scotland ever leaves the United Kingdom.  Thus UK has several flag options to choose from in the event of a Scotexit.  Additionally with the coat of arms, the Welsh Dragon will certainly replace the Unicorn.

UK Flag, English Expression
If Scotland should every leave the United Kingdom here are two flags which could replace the current design of the United Kingdom.  The Upper flag expresses the English white and Northern Irish flags clearly. 
UK Flag, Wales Expression

The more black flag which expresses Welsh and Cornish colours and is a more conservative change, that retains the original UK flavor.

UK flag, Wales Major Expression
In this version the Welsh yellow cross of St. David is more strongly expressed.