Saturday, January 14, 2017

Morse Code Flags for the Numbers 0-9

  Morse Code flags come a variety of colours, but the important element is the pattern of stars and stripes.  The stripes code for the "DASHES" while the stars code for "DOTS".  Accordingly any person who is colour blind and reads Morse Code can still understand the flag.  Additionally the flags are colour coded to the colour metrics associated with order of the spectrum or rainbow.  Red being coded to 1, orange coded to 2, yellow coded to 3, green coded to 4, blue coded to 5, indigo coded to 6, and violet coded to 7.  Additionally black is coded to 8, pink is coded to 9, and white is coded to zero. 

These flags are read downwards.  Cultures may read from the left or the right.  Hebrew and Arabic read from the right to left.  Chinese and Japanese can go either way, but all cultures read downwards.  Nearly no major written culture reads upwards, which is an extreme minority.  Yet some totem poles are read down to up, which makes sense, when you think about it. 


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