Sunday, January 22, 2017

Morse Code Flag for SOS - Save our Souls! or Save Our Ship!

SOS is the most known and popular prosign of Morse Code.  Coincidentally the letters for S and O both have three pulses.  The S has at three DOTS or rather, Dits.  And the O has three DASHES or rather, Dahs.  When represented by stars for Dits and Dahs for stripes, we have an elegant flag- the SOS flag.

The background colour is yellow while the DOTS and DASHES are black.  These colours are natural warning colours found in nature, as with the pattern of the wasp and bee, and some snakes and other venomous organisms. Thus this flag conveys a sense of urgency!

SOS officially means "Save Our Souls" but can stand for "Save Our Ship."

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