Saturday, January 21, 2017

Morse Code Flag for the Letter X - X-Ray : _ . . _

The Morse Code Flag for the letter X has two stripes and two stars.  The order is reflective of the specific code for X which is related to DOTS and DASHES.  Since Morse Code Flags are always read downwards, it clearly spells out DASH, DOT, DOT, DASH, which is the letter X in Morse Code. 

The flag has a green background because the letter X is the 24th letter of the alphabet.  The number 4 is coded to green, because, green is the 4th colour of the rainbow/spectrum. Yellow is included because yellow is the contrast minority-indicator for a green background/field.  Also note that the tens place value for twenty-four is ignored.   Only the ones place value is used to set the main colour of the background, which for the letter X is 4, that is coded to green. Thus we have a dominantly green flag for the letter X in Morse Code. 

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