Thursday, January 5, 2017

Element 98 Californium Flag

Another fun California flag riff is a flag for the element of Californium. Truly an American element of sorts.  By amazing synchronicity it was made 100 years after California became a state in 1850.  In 1950 this artificial atom was first synthesized in our solar system at the University of California Radiation Laboratory in Berkley.   Typically artificial atoms are impossible to see, but scientists have been able to create enough that you can actually see it and do experiments with it.

This atom has 98 protons in its nucleus, that gives it its atomic properties.  Consequently the basic model of an atom has replaced the red California star.  The number 98 is written in the center, which is reflective of the Z number of this element.  The California Bear is wearing a lab coat, with pens in its pockets.

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