Friday, January 6, 2017

Americium Fun Flag - Element 95

The 95th Element is named after America.  Not the continent, but rather the America from the United States of America.  Consequently this fun flag showcases element 95 in the canton of the US flag.   Americium was first synthesized in California in 1944 during the Manhattan Project.

"Like any good parrot on the internet that mentions..." Americium, I have to parrot that this element is in nearly every home in the USA.   Because it is used in smoke detectors, aaack, aaackk... because it is used in  smoke detectors.  Polly wants a cracker.... like any good smoke detector... aaack polly... wants Americium in your smoke detector.  Discovery was kept secret for a year.... aaack.

Americium really puts the new definition to the nuclear element in the "Nuclear American Family."  So if you had really good, sensitive Gamma Ray Glasses, you would see a shining glow coming out of your smoke detector.  Rumor has it that people get into heated arguments when standing near smoke detectors.  There was even an unsubstantiated buzz fed like story of man who gained a green tint and had his muscles expand so that his clothes ripped off, and he went into a hulking rage on his roommate. 

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