Sunday, July 23, 2017

Gannon Republic Flag, California Style

Finally we have some respect for the baddest and bad guy in video games.  Gannon is the anti-hero of the Zelda universe.  Without him there is no game, no adventure, no fun.  So in honor of the great of great bad guys we have the Gannon Republic Flag, based upon the California Flag.

An Appeal To Heaven, Original Zelda

An Appeal To Heaven combines with the background trees from the original Legend of Zelda 1986.   This flag is based upon the patriotic pine tree flag from 1776.  But here the iconic trees from first Zelda game replace the tree.

Here is the second place flag that has the trees in Triforce formation.

An Appeal To Heaven, The Kite Eating Tree

Charlie Brown and the Kite Eating Tree, or rather the Charlie Brown ONLY Kite Eating Tree, makes a good fun flag with the Appeal to Heaven upon it.  In this version the Kite Eating Tree has not only ate Brown's Kite but also gave Charlie a little twist.

The original USA Pine Tree flag from 1776 had more positive connotations.

An Appeal To Heavenly Minecrafting

Minecraft is still in its initial stages, but wait till the internet goes deeper and more virtual; then this stuff will get really real.  We have a fun Minecraft Flag that plays upon the Pine Tree Patriot flag from the American Revolution of 1776.

 Here is the second place flag, that mentions Minecraft, combining the two flags more effectively. 

Here is the original flag, compared to the Minecraftified version.

An Appeal to Heavenly Adventure Flag

The Appeal To Heaven flag reaches out to Adventure Time, thus we have the An Appeal To Heavenly Adventure Flag.

Here is the OG version of the patriotic pine tree flag from 1776.

Pikachu Republic- California Style Flag

It is high time that Pikachu stars in his own flag.  Here the California Flag serves and bases of the Pikachu Republic flag.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

An Appeal to Pokemon, Heaven

The one odd tree Pokemon is a palm, so we have the Appeal to Pokemon Heaven flag.  If you didn't know the Appeal to Heaven flag was one of the original 1776 American Revolution flags that featured a pine tree in the middle.

 In this version, Pikachu has jumped in the flag.

An Appeal to Heaven, And to Recycle

Recycling is the way of the world, before man made materials were created elements like water, carbon, and nitrogen are recycled in the Earth.  The same carbon that made up the dinosaurs and Moses is now apart of you, a very small fraction but surely there are a few carbon atoms in you that belong to your best friend and even your worst enemy.

These flags are based upon the Appeal to Heaven flag.  But they advocate recycling.

 Runner Up #1, Earth as a Heaven?  By keeping Green?
 Heaven has to be in the words.
Someone said Hell is not a place but other people, consequently Heaven is neither a place but other people too.  The nice people.

Friday, July 21, 2017

An Appeal to Wookie Heaven Flag

In between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back was one of all time cheesiest movies created for mankind, The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978.  In it, the original crew heads to Chewie's planet to celebrate Life Day, at the tree of life.  Here the tree of life is honored with glowing balls.

This flag is based upon the fusion of the original Appeal to Heaven flag from the American Revolution of 1776.

Here is shot from the original made for TV movie that shows Chewbacca with his son Lumpy with Tree of Life icons, which are included in the flag.

 Here are the runner ups for the fun flag.
 The civilization in Star Wars was only technologically developed keep order in one galaxy, in a galaxy far far away, a long time ago- as are all galaxy's that we see, being far away and from long ago.

An Appeal to Heaven, for Buddhism

 One of the lesser popular flags of the American Revolution is the An Appeal to Heaven pine tree flags.  Here they have been united with Buddhism.  Here the original Buddha is sitting under a Bodhi tree, to become the original Buddha.  He could of advanced to the next level, decided to stay and help his fellow beings in an act of compassion. 

This flag takes the original theme and takes it to India.
 Nirvana is more than just a band.
 Love and compassion are central tenants in all religions.  But each soul is free to choose which level of love and compassion it chooses to embrace.
The world changed when one of the humans saw more than the little ego.

Game of Thrones, An Appeal to Heaven Flag Fun

This flag captures the spirit of the American Revolution.  Rebelling against the kingdom was a dangerous thing to do, especially when holy powers that be require that people be lead under a kingdom.  But when applied to The Weirwod, from the Game of Thrones on HBO, we get some fun flags that fans can play with.

A basic theme keeping the original tag and new tree.
Seven is an important number in the Game of Thrones.
More focused on the Seven, a flag it is.
The Lord of Light has always been popular in Castle Fantasy Times.
You often hear people say this line in the show.

An Appeal to Heaven, Original Testament Flavor

Plants have been used as symbols and ways to connect to the Divine.  The Original Testament had Moses learn from a certain type of burning bush, some say it was the Bramble Bush, known as the Holy Bush.

Stoking the flame of divine law, Moses was able to inspire millions, even those not of 12 Tribes including: Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Bahais, Mormons, and many others.


Wisdom is often the price of failure.
 The name of the supposed bush according to one text.

What most people think when speaking of the burning bush.

An Appeal to Heaven, for Christians

A US flag from the revolutionary era, hits the spirit of Christianity today!  Enjoy these fun faithful flags and shame not to feel the Jesus.

The standard sub of the sacred palm with the tree.

The reason why we sub a palm for the pine tree is here.
One of the many monikers for the Rasul of divine grace.

Having more fun with flags, which are often considered sacred, combined with a sacred space.

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An Appeal to Eat Healthy

Based upon the Appeal to Heaven Flag, we have the Appeal To Eat Healthy Flag.

Broccoli Source:

Flags in the Arrival - 2016

Several flags appear in the movie Arrival 2016.  The flags of the US, China, Denmark can easily be seen in a flash perception scene.  But a larger alien flag can also be seen that has non Solarian type of language written upon it.  This movie is fine wine science fiction, that is thoughtful for original star trek type of audience.  People who like booms and bangs realty shouldn't watch this movie. If you like OG sci-fi that makes you think, then go watch.  It is a movie that will give M. Night Shyamalan a run for his money.

The visitors have seven fingered 'hands' and are called heptapods.

Here the hero of the story is given a gift, which the aliens call a weapon.  In an odd way, writing is like a weapon, so one must be careful what one writes.  But like any tool it can be used for harm or good.  Consequently there are many who want to ban and regulate words, since time immemorial.

Appeal to Heaven - Parody Cannabis Flags

The Appeal to Heaven is a soft patriotic flag from the American Revolution.  Unlike the intimidating rattle snake flag, that poses a vengeful strike back.  The 'An Appeal to Heaven' is a more lofty, spiritual call to arms with divine guidance.  We now live in a nation where the sale of cannabis has become on the verge of being legal.  Freedom is blessing but it should be handled with care.

Here are several parody flags that are based upon the patriotic pine tree flag. These flags capture the feels of the rebel spirit.  If you were to wave any of these in public you'd definitely get a social patriotic stir, with supporters and detractors.

Basic parody conserves words of original flag.
 More style in this form.
 This illustrates the psychedelic aspect of this plant.

 Flags are essentially codes for ideas and this flag has the old code.

This is a fun style flag.
 If you like counting and math, this is good.

A historical combo move, ironic and a real flag for the serious, it is.

Chilling is so slang yet so perpetual.

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