Thursday, December 8, 2016

Officer and a Gentleman - US Flag 1982

Officer and a Gentleman 1982 successfully combined the romantic-military gung-ho patriotic movie.  The balance between career, job, love, and ego is a delicate balance.   The chase between a man and woman is an ancient game, a universal game that all living creatures must play.  The chase is usually overplayed with the ego card: WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME!?  But sometimes the better part of a person's soul can trump the ego and put things right.

Several flags naturally appear in this movie.  Quite frankly, it would be an impossible to make a military movie with out flags.  During one of the classic 1980s training montages, a group of flight officer candidates can be seen running by the group.  This group is more advanced and carries a yellow flag.

Lewis Gossett, Jr. stars as the hard nosed no nonsense drill instructor, getting these recruits in shape for their prestigious military jobs.  Here, he stands on stage ready for martial arts training.  Instead of the bad guy being some alien nation, the antagonist is also the protagonist.

The protagonist of the movie stands at attention in front of the US flag which is in front of the US Navy flag.  This is your classic punch the sky 1980s movie, abundant with grade A acting all around, form the main stars and every person in a supporting role. Officer and a Gentleman is a rich work of art for mature minds only.  Quotable, memorable, and honest.

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