Sunday, October 30, 2016

Piggy Pennants and Vexilloids - Angry Birds 2016

The Piggies in Angry Birds 2016 use the livery of purple and green.  The charged icons are a fork and knife. Angry Birds 2016 is one of the few successful video-game movies ever made.  Nintendo, Konami, and Electronic Arts are sitting on several touchstone cultural gold mines, yet they let these fertile fields of joy and abundance go wasted.  This is partly due to the rift between the fan-base and cultural non-gamer business-class board of directors.  Finally, a Video Game movie done right.

Piggies at the stadiu, notice flags.  In the grand Piggy stadium flags are along the tops.

The staff of power, King Piggy, with crown.  The staff is in his right hand.  The finial has the lopsided piggy nose snort.

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