Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Original Life Hack - War Games 1983, How to Butter Corn & the UK Flag

Life Hacks are something of popular thing these days.  Life Hacks are short cuts and answers to small problems and challenges that arise in every day life.  The first most popular Life Hack video was posted in 1983 in movie theaters across America in the film War Games, starring Matthew Broderick.  The Life Hack deals with buttering corn.  Many people still use the stone age process of using a knife with butter.   But here are the steps listed below, as shown in the movie...on how to easily butter corn.  Coincidentally the movie was about hacking on the computer!

 Step 1: Butter the Bread
 Step 2: Place corn cob on the buttered bread.
Step 3: Roll corn cob on buttered bread. 

Step 4: Add salt if desired, or pepper.
Step 5: Listen to British Rock from the 1970s and early 1980s.  This step can be inferred from the UK musical compact disc in the background.  It features a UK flag on the cover, as to who the band is, we don't know who, but it may be the Who? Who knows?

Step 6: Enjoy the fruit of your labor on this most delicious vegetable, which is scientifically a fruit of a grass.

Also note this scene in the movie has a zinger-joke.  You'll have to watch to movie to get the joke.  Or just watch the video below.

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