Sunday, September 11, 2016

The American Ethnic Flag, The Un-Hyphenated American Flag: Americans First Flag

Americans come in a variety of ethnic backgrounds and many people like to identify their American heritage as being of another nationality first, popular examples being Irish-American, German-American, Asian-American, or African-American.  This leaves the door open for just plain Un-Hyphenated Americans.

Un-Hyphenated Americans cherish their ethnic/religious backgrounds but primarily identify as Americans first, and yet they can enjoy their histoical heritage with pride and parades.   Since many American-hyphenated groups have flags, it makes sense to give Un-Hyphenated Americans a flag as well.

The official American flag should suffice, but the American Ethnic Flag distinguishes paramount identity to being American rather than some other nationality or a hyphenated-American.

The canton is a reflection of the legendary Betsy Ross Flag, the field of red indicates this person is a wholly red blooded American first.  Additionally the red field is an honor point to Native Americans, whose traditions, religions, and cultures are acknowledged and respected with this flag.

Persons of this American-first identity put America first in business, culture, politics, values, and of course rooting for the USA above all other nations even if they are at odds for the other team who just happens to be of their particular heritage. The white lower square under the blue canton brings balance to the traditional American colors, and represents the power of Providence or synchronicity.

This is not a flag for white-Americans, black-Americans, yellow-Americans, brown-Americans, peach-Americans, tan-Americans, or any other type of American...but for All Americans who identify as Americans first.

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