Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Masters of the Universe: He-Man - Vexilloids from the Live Action Motion Picture

A tacky delight from 1987 are the vexilloids in Masters of the Universe - The Live Action Motion Picture.  A colourful cheesy fun film for kids, that somehow got its own big budget movie.  Although He-Man had a sword, Skeletor has a Ram's Staff of Power. 

Large Skeletor Banners are hanging from Castle Greyskull on either side.  They are coloured mostly purple and black.

Long yellow vexilloids are seen hanging from a doorway.  The purpose is never explained but they have original movie made alien writing upon them.

Here is the best picture of a proper flag, that is barely visible in the background of some wreckage of some sort.

Courtney Cox is a part of the He-Man universe.  Believe it or not!  Our friend here is standing in front of the band's stage in the gymnasium.  Certainly Courtney Cox could star in the remake, but on the other side ...working with darkness this time?

Amazingly the Star Trek and the Friends universes are united though He-Man.   Cox's boyfriend in He-Man-land is Star Trek: Voyager's Robert D. McNeil.  Surely McNeil could star in the He-Man 21st century reboot?

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