Monday, September 5, 2016

Halloween Pennants in E.T. 1982

Perhaps one of the hardest to see vexilloids is the orange Happy Halloween pennant streamer hanging along a house.  It is visible when E.T. just happens to run into a Yoda, while trick-or-treating.  The vexiolloids are hanging from what looks like an open door garage.

E.T. meets Yoda in E.T. 1982.  The E.T. and Star Wars universes intersect more than once.  Several times, Star Wars toys can be seen in movie E.T.  Eventually Star Wars would repay the cameo, when E.T.s appeared in Episode I.  But the most important link between these movies is through the musical score of John Williams. 

Music is often the most important character in any movie, and Williams' role is understated, otherwise these movies would have most liked had lackluster, tacky 1980s musical scores, no doubt.

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