Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flag for Earth's Second Moon - 2016 HO3

2016 HO3, or rather Ho Ho Ho 2016, is a new moon.  Not a new-black, nor a new-empty, nor a new-non reflective moon; but rather a newly discovered moon!  A natural object placed in the heavens that is in orbit around Earth.  We humans became aware of this moon during the year of the Monkey and month of Taurus.  We could call it Monkey-Bull or just Monkey-Boo HO Cubed, or Mo-Bo Ho Ho Ho.  Note that it is the letter 'oh' and not a zero.  I know, so confusing that o,0,O can so easily get mixed up, especially when you write em'.

Note this moon will be in orbit around our humble abode for the next few centuries.  Interestingly, there is no lower size limit on moons.  A rock the size of your hand, could be a moon.  Perhaps the moon of an asteroid?  Yet there are size limits on planets.  Thus you'll never hear astronomers speak of a Dwarf Moon, or failed moon.  Sorry only planets and stars can fail.  Moons are special because they come in any size.  Unless... they get really big and become stars.  Thus the biggest moons are Brown Dwarfs, which are failed stars.

The colours of the flag and astrological associations are black, yellow, and blue.  Coincidentally the Astrological symbol for 2016 HO3 is in the canton area.  It is a fusion of symbols form the Western-Symbol for Year of the Monkey and the sign of Taurus.

Earth's neighborhood just got a little bigger this year. It used to be just the two of us: the Earth and the Moon.  But Earth also has a Trojan Moon and now an outer Moonlet.  How wonderful!

So here is the revelation, it not only orbits the Earth but also our Moon.  Thus our Moon also has a satellite, or rather 2016 HO3 is a moon of a moon!  Sort of, it does not directly orbit the moon but in follows an orbit around our Earth-Moon system.  Thus it does qualify as a type of a moon of our Moon, believe it or perhaps not!

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