Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ace of Base Flag from "I Saw the Sign" video - 1993

Flags are often used for military and patriotic purposes.  But flags are also flown for artistic purposes.  In Ace of Base's smash hit The Sign 1993, flags are used as an enchanting artistic element in the official video, which you can see below.  Here the silhouette of a man carrying a flag can be seen upon a yellow background.  He later appears doing a flip with the same flag and with a purple background.

Throughout the video is a modified spinning computer generated Egyptian Ankh.  In the background are the national colours of Sweden: blue and yellow flapping as a fluid wall.   The four singers from Ace of Base are native to Sweden.  They were a quartet of male and female voices that heralded a new vibe of the 1990s.  Interestingly other successful Swedish groups in the US also consisted of gender balanced groups like ABBA and Roxette.  Certainly, we are over due for another duo, quartet or sextet of Swedish pop stars to rock the USA!? 

Here the Berggren sisters perform together in the video.  Note the oddly shaped cross known as the Ankh is a paradoxical symbol for life, death, transformation, or change.  As the themes of the song deal with loss of love and new beginnings, its appearance in the video is appropriate.  As for the particular 'Sign' that the songwriter became aware - of the heartbreaking loss of love in transition - it could have been anything.  But rest assured, The Sign was tinged with a heavy spell of synchronicity.

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